World War Z Private Lobby - How to Play Private Match With Friends

World War Z allows up to four players to team up and slaughter zombies together. If you don’t have enough friends to form a whole party, you can either use bots to fill up the remaining spots, or rely on random people from the internet. A lot of folk aren’t happy with letting strangers join their party, and are wondering about Word War Z private lobbies – do they even exist, and if they do, how to make use of them in order to play a private match with friends.

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world war z private lobby
World War Z Private Lobby – How to Play Private Match With Friends

How to create private lobby?

As far as we can tell, there’s no way to create a private lobby in World War Z. You can use your console’s party feature to start playing with friends, and AI controlled characters will fill in the remaining places. However, the game can place a random stranger instead of the AI player at any moment. This means you won’t be able to play as a group of just two or three – there will always be four characters in the team.

Playing with bots is not the issue here – they may not be too bright, but they’re competent enough to pull their own weight. The problem arises when random players join and they aren’t aware of the team’s tactical approach, their plans and modes of communication. Maybe your team doesn’t use voice, but a Discord server or Skype conversation. The newly-joined player won’t be able to take part in that, which will make them more of a liability.

There’s currently no solution to this problem, but make the developers aware this is something you would like to see. They seem to have their ears to the ground, and have been quick to respond and offer solutions for several of the issues that first popped up, so it’s not unreasonable to hope they’ll fix this in the near future.

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