Nier: Automata 25 Minutes Open World Gameplay Video Breakdown

Until the game comes out on March 7th, we can get to know it with a little help from information videos like this one. If you’ve been keeping up, or maybe even playing the demo, you’ll find quite a bit of new information. Some of the most important things are fishing, hidden treasure chests, repairing your dead body, mounting animals and more.

  • While near bodies of water, you might get fishing prompts. If you just stick near the water for a bit, you’ll get the message “Start Fishing”. If you choose to do so, you’ll drop the pod in the water. Pay attention to its behavior. If it sinks, reel it back in. You can also choose where the pod goes by aiming towards a specific spot. The item you get from fishing is called Killifish Machine.
  • The re-spawn system called Reliquary System is somewhat similar to Dark Souls. When you die, you can return to your body and decide what to do with it. You can scavenge it to retrieve your chips and upgrades, along with some scrap. You can also try to repair it. If you succeed, your previous body will join you as a companion. If you fail, it will become corrupt, and you’ll have to fight it. The corrupted version will drop even better items.
  • To reach new, higher grounds after the second jump, you should attack and quickly cancel it while mid-air. This jump allows you to reach the areas that the simple double jump is not capable of.
  • There are four types of weapons. Other than the pod, you can carry a greatsword, a one-handed small sword, bare fists and lances.
  • There is an item called Animal Bait. You can drag this item from your inventory to the ground. Do it close to some of the animals. Once they eat it, you can mount and ride them. The animals can sprint and they are rather fast. In the video we see them ride a moose, but the boar is also one of the animals you can ride.
  • Mountable animals can also help you in combat. If you sprint while on top of them, you can run over the enemies, damaging them.
  • You can set your companion to be either passive or aggressive. Setting your companion to aggressive mode, while trying to die, is not a good call.
  • If you are battling a machine, and it is close to death, you can hit circle on the controller, and you’ll do a cool cinematic attacks.
  • Whenever you kill machine, it drops an in-game currency called “G”. Pick it up.
  • One of the NPC that helps you out in the world is called Jackass. She is just one of many.
  • Machines differ from each other in different environments. For example, in the windy, dusty areas, they will have masks over their face. Do not ask why…
  • At the end of the video, you can see a whole new area called Desert Zone.

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