NBA 2K17 - 5 new Moments Challenges

There are 5 interesting moments challenges in NBA 2K17 MyTeam game mode. Some of them are fairly easy, but a few of them can be a bit challenging, depending on your roster. It is always nice to see new challenges, as well as the new player cards and dynamic duos. Check out all of the available challenges below.

Nba 2k17 5 new Moments Challenges
NBA 2K17 Moments Challenges in MyTeam
  • Moments: All-Star Shaq and Kobe. You will be playing against Shaq and Kobe’s old Lakers squad. The restriction, on the other hand, is that you must use all Western Conference players in your lineup. The reward is 2000 MT if you succeed. Difficulty is All-Star.
  • Moments: All-Star Jordan vs Kobe. There are no lineup restrictions for this challenge, and you will be facing the team that includes both Kobe and Michael Jordan. It will be set on All-Star difficulty, and the reward is 2000 MT.
  • Moments: All-Star Vince Carter. With no lineup restrictions, you need to win and also get 10 dunks as a team. You will be starting in the second half of the game. The difficulty is also set to All-Sta,r with just 1000 MT as a reward. Make those alley-oops and fastbreaks count, and make sure that your players have at least solid dunking rating in order to make this much easier.
  • Moments: All-Star Michael Jordan. The goal is to score 40 points as a team with no lineup restrictions. Difficulty is All-Star, and you will earn 1500 MT if you complete the challenge.
  • Moments: All-Star Allen Iverson. At the start of the fourth quarter you will be down by 19 points. You need to make a comeback against Western All-Stars by only using players from the Eastern Conference. The reward is 6000 MT, and difficulty is set to All-Star. This one could be very interesting and challenging to complete, but it’s definitely worth the reward.
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