NieR: Automata Taipei Game Show Gameplay Reveals New Areas

During this years Taipei Game Show, Square Enix showcased new gameplay footage of NieR: Automata. In the video, we can see several different new environments, including a deserted shopping mall and the Ruined Amusement Park area. Both areas serve to illustrate how desolate the world of NieR: Automata can be.

NieR: Automata Taipei Game Show Gameplay Reveals New Areas
NieR: Automata Taipei Game Show Gameplay Reveals New Areas

Producer Yosuke Saito and voice actress Yui Ishikawa (voice of YoRHa 2B) presented the new NieR gameplay video at the Taipei Game Show 2017. Among other things, the footage shows us several different areas we’ll be able to explore in the game. You can check the video out below. It’s not in English, but you can see enough to get what’s going on.

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The first area is the Abandoned Amusement Park, and it’s exactly what the name says. However, even though there are no visitors in the park, fireworks are going off. No doubt, this will be one of the mysteries we’ll be solving in the game.

The next environment we get to see is a shopping mall that’s falling apart. It’s completely overgrown by plants, everything is in ruins. It all serves to show us what the world will look like without humans, with nature taking over.

Finally, the video takes us to a very tall radio tower. Players will be able to climb the tower and get a beautiful vista of the abandoned city below. It’s worth noting that both the mall and the amusement park can be reached from the Resistance hub via sewers. These pipes will probably be a very handy way of travel between crucial points on the map.

NieR: Automata will come out on February 23rd in Japan, March 7th in North America and March 10th in Europe. For now, there’s only a PlayStation 4 version in the works. There’s a possible Steam version coming at some point, but there’s no release date yet.

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