Resident Evil 7 Scorpion, Crow, Snake Key Locations

In Resident Evil 7, there are are three specific keys you’ll need to unlock certain doors. Those doors have scorpions, snakes, and crows nailed to them, and so do the keys. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Scorpion, crow, snake key and their locations.

Scorpion, Crow, Snake Key Locations - How to Get
RE 7 Scorpion, Crow, Snake Key Locations

How to Get Scorpion Key in Resident Evil VII

You’ve certainly noticed some doors with scorpions on them by now. To open them, you need the Scorpion Key, in true Resident Evil fashion. You can find some very useful stuff behind those doors, so you really want to find that key. Fortunately, it’s not hard.

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Head down to the Processing Area and go to the large, nameless area near the top of the map. Look around and you’ll see a huge slab of meat in a green tray on the table. The Scorpion Key is sticking out of it.

You can now get the shotgun from the statue. To find out how, check out our How to Get The Shotgun guide.

Resident Evil 7 Crow Key Location

To unlock the doors with a crow nailed on them, you need the Crow Key. It’s hidden on the first floor of the Old House. If you’ve seen the Mia VHS, you’ll know which area it is. It’s the one that was in ruins in that video.

Exit the house through the Dining Room. There’s two ways you can go. Head straight forward, and you’ll reach a gross outhouse. Go inside and you’ll see an ornate chest that seems completely out of place there. Open it and collect the Crow Key.

Snake Key Location Resident Evil 7

The Snake Key unlocks, unsurprisingly, the doors with a snake on them. There’s a lot of goodies to find in those rooms, so let’s get that key. We have to warn you, this one reaches Saw levels of gross.

After you kill Marguerite in the bug room, go back to the house. Head down to the basement, through the Boiler Room and then to the Dissection Room. Molded might attack you. If you’re having trouble, check out our How To Defeat Multiple Molded guide.

Once inside, you’ll see the decapitated body of the policeman. Searching around won’t do you any good, but there’s a sign there telling you to stick your hand into the throat of the corpse. Well, you’re gonna have to do just that. The unpleasant ordeal will reward you with the Snake Kit.

Now that you have the key, you can access the Kid’s Room, among other places. In there, you can find the Model Shotgun. What do you need that for? Check out our How to Fix Broken Shotgun guide to find out!

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