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During the second part of Nier Replicant you’ll get a quest called King’s Mask asking you to bring one crystal and one titanium alloy. These are both materials in the game used for quests and weapon upgrades. They can be gathered from shining harvest points in the world. Sometimes they drop from monsters or can be bought from vendors. We’ve already covered how to get titanium alloy. In this article we’ll tell you where to get crystal in Nier Replicant to successfully complete King’s Mask and collect your 10000g reward.

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Nier Replicant Crystal Kings Mask

Where to find Crystal in Nier Replicant?

Nier Replicant crystal can be bought from a vendor in Facade or found in Barren Temple zone. Inside Facade you can ask the guards for directions. You need to reach the Material shop. Vendor sells crystal for 2400g. That’s a pretty hefty sum. Alternatively, you can roam the Barren Temple zone. It is to the north of the desert. Spawn is random and rare. You need to look at all the shiny spots in the zone. There’s one very close to the entrance into the zone and you can try and farm it by exiting the zone and entering it to reset the harvest point. If you are doing it just for the King’s Mask quest it might be just worth it to buy it and save the time.

Another great way to farm Crystal in Nier Replicant is completing the Recycled Vessel World box room. This is the second or third room in the third door. Once you destroy all the boxes you can just jump off the bridge and die if you don’t want to complete the whole event. You’ll keep the materials you’ve collected in the boxes. You can reach the recycled world from Nier’s house once Grimoire Wiess joins the party, but only after you’ve completed ending A.

When you start working towards your Nier Replicant platinum you’ll have to gather 8 crystals to upgrade all necessary weapons. It is used for upgrading Beastbain, Ancient Overlord, Transience, The Devil Queen and two optional weapons from the 4 Yorha DLC Virtuous Contract and Cruel Oath. Whether you buy crystal or farm for it depends on how much money you have or can get. I would buy it for the King’s Mask quest. For weapon upgrades I’d do Recycled Vessel farming and get both money and materials that way.

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