Nier Replicant Ending E - How to Get Nier Replicant New Ending

Ending E is the new ending that you can get in the Nier Replicant remaster, and it is exclusive to the “ver 1.2247” edition of the game. Since this is a brand new ending, people are wondering how to get Ending E. After all, Nier as a series is known for messing with the players in various ways, especially with goofy, weird endings. Nier Replicant ver 1.2247 is no different, trust me. With all that said, here’s our Nier Replicant Ending E – How to Get Nier Replicant New Ending guide to show you how to get this mysterious thing. Keep in mind, there will be spoilers yonder below; I’ll keep them to an absolute minimum, but still.

nier replicant ending e how to get nier replicant new ending
Nier Replicant Ending E – How to Get Nier Replicant New Ending

How to Get Nier Replicant New Ending E

To get the New Ending E in Nier Replicant, you have to play until you get Ending D, and then start the game over again. That’s as far as we can go without getting into any spoilers. I will have to walk you through all the endings to get to Ending E, so, from here on out, SPOILER WARNING.

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Okay, so, first of all, you need to beat the game regularly to get Ending A. Then, reload that save file and replay through the latter half of the game to get Ending B. Now, reload the same save and make sure you’ve collected all 33 weapons. Once you do, visit a save point before the final boss fight and make a nice, clean save slot. Then, fight the final boss, and be ready for a new, even finaler boss to appear right after.

Now, when you defeat this boss, you can either choose to kill it or spare it. Killing it gets you Ending C, and sparing it unlocks Ending D. Since we’re hunting for the new Nier Replicant ver 1.2247 Ending E, you need to spare the enemy. However, we recommend you kill the boss to get Ending C, then reload that clean save I mentioned in the above paragraph and then go for Ending D. Just in case, and that way, you’ll see all the content the game has to offer.

Anyways, once you unlock Ending D, the game will delete your save file. Don’t worry, that’s just the developer messing with you. Start a new save file with a different name, and play through again. Things will play out regularly until you reach the fight where you recruit Kaine. From then on, you’re gonna see things change.

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