Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery - How to Transport Fragile Package

Fragile Delivery in Nier Replicant is a quest which requires you to safely carry a fragile package across the Northern Plains and into The Aerie. If an enemy hits you, or you roll out of the way, the package will break, and you have to start over. However, you can attack, but that runs a risk too. There is a system that you can follow that makes the quest ridiculously easy, though. We really recommend you follow it. So, let’s explain it all in our Fragile Delivery in Nier Replicant – How to Transport Fragile Package guide.

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fragile delivery in nier replicant how to transport fragile package
Fragile Delivery in Nier Replicant – How to Transport Fragile Package

How to Carry Package in Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery Quest

To transport the package in the Fragile Delivery quest in Nier Replicant, you have to carry it very carefully to the golden house in The Aerie. If an enemy hits you, the package will break. Same happens if you dodge roll. You can, however, freely jump, attack, and use magic. So, you’re not defenseless in the face of all the enemies that will be attacking you. If you shatter the package, go back to the guard and start over.

Now, the ideal way to pull this off is to leave Fragile Delivery to the side for a little bit. First, play through the game until you meet Kainé and help her defeat the Shade for the first time. Also, make sure to complete the Boar Hunt side quest, which lets you ride boars. This way, you can ride the boar straight through the Northern Plains, and no shades will spawn in The Aerie. This makes the quest nigh trivial.

If you don’t want to wait, you can still complete the Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery quest normally. Just use your long range magic, such as Dark Blast, to clear the way before the Shades get all up in your business and potentially break the package. Also, consult the map often so that you can pick out the optimal route. Also, arm yourself with a lot of patience, since this method is gonna take a good while. We recommend getting Kainé and literally piggybacking your way to victory.

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