Nier Replicant Forest of Myth Deathdream Riddle Answers - Lost Envy Color, Number of Warriors

You’ll be trapped in a Deathdream in Nier Replicant’s region of Forest of Myth and choosing correct riddle answers might be what saves you or not. You get sent to the Forest of Myth after you clear the Desert. Something happened to this village you reach through Northern Plains and there are three people sleeping and dreaming a big dream. The game explores a long forgotten art of textual adventure computer games with this quest. There are several questions during this quest that must be answered correctly to be able to proceed. We’ll help you escape the Deathdream and help you decide whether to answer with alpha, beta or gamma in the Forest of Myth text adventure. We’ll also help with the second part of the game where you talk to the Divine Tree. You’ll have to know the lost envy color and the number of warriors.

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Nier Replicant Forest of Myth Deathdream Riddle Answers Lost Envy Color Number of Warriors

Deathdream Mayor riddle answers – Forest of Myth

Once you enter the Forest of Myth you’ll come across the Mayor of the village. You enter his deathdream and the story unfolds. In it you will be posed a few questions and asked to answer a few riddles. These are pretty common riddles and you’ll probably know the answers, but here are the correct answers for those of you that hate to read walls of text.

One with it is lacking. Two with it is ideal.
Three with it is dangerous. What is it?

Select The answer is … a secret because that one is the only that makes sense.

I enter through the window, but break no glass.
When night falls, I vanish. What am I?

The answer is, of course, the Sunlight.

I have four legs in the morning and two at noon, but end the night with three. What am I?

The answer is a Man. When infants we crawl on all four. We walk on two legs as adults. Finally, we use a cane to help us move around, therefore having three legs.

Choose a Direction – North, West, East or South – Forest of Myth Deathdream Hooded Villager Puzzle

Moving further into the village you’ll come across a hooded villager. You want to wake them up, but you’ll have to enter their dreamworld first. Out of all the sections of the Forest of Myth puzzles this is reminiscent the most of textual computer adventure games. You would have to type in the direction you were going in those quite a lot. You’d choose the direction based on textual response you’d get and description of your current surroundings. To avoid having to read all of that in Nier Replicant and to get to the end of this riddle just choose North or East every time the game asks you where to go.

Alpha, Beta or Gamma Forest of Myth Riddle Answer – Forest of Myth Deathdream Second Villager Puzzle

Last villager has a dream that is a logical conundrum. It is the old logical puzzle where one person always lies, one person always tells the truth. There are three participants in this riddle and there’s really a lot of text to go through. The answer you want to pick is “The real one is Beta.“. The explanation goes that if Beta is telling the truth then Alpha and Gamma’s lies would make sense. This is not the case if you choose anything else.

Alpha Beta or Gamma Forest of Myth Riddle Answer Nier Replicant

Lost Envy Color, Number of Warriors – Forest of Myth Divine Tree Riddle Puzzle Solution in Nier Replicant

In, what we’ll call, part 2 of the game you make your way back to the Forest of Myth. There’s a sparkle next to a tree to the east and another textual adventure deathdream begins. It is very important that you read the text this time around. The answers changes based on what the text says. In the first story wait for the text that starts with “Only one person brings the boy comfort”. You need to remember the color of the girl’s eyes in this text. Next important text block starts with “Her friends and fellow warriors come and go”. Next sentence says how many companions she had with her at the beginning of the fight. Remember the number of warriors she had with her. The answers you have to give are:

  • What was the color of the lost envy? – Answer is the color of the girl’s eyes you read in your version of the riddle
  • How many were lost by the warrior who fought the red-eyed beasts? – Answer is Her Daughter and the number of companions you remembered from your version of the riddle
  • Most important thing in the world? – Choose the last of three options.
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