Item Unknown Nier Replicant Quest

The Item Unknown quest in Nier Replicant is a side mission that you can complete in Facade. All you need to do is get ten round, striped food objects to the NPC standing outside the entrance to the king’s mansion. Seems relatively simple, and it is. However, you first need to figure out what the unknown item actually is, and where to get it. We’ll cover both of those points in our Item Unknown Nier Replicant Quest guide and explain how to complete the quest.

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item unknown nier replicant quest
Item Unknown Nier Replicant Quest

How to Complete Nier Replicant Item Unknown Quest

To complete the Item Unknown quest in Nier Replicant, you have to bring ten watermelons to the woman standing outside of the king’s mansion. If you don’t know where to find her, check out the screenshots below. Anyways, she doesn’t want to tell you which items she needs, but the quest description tells you she needs “ten round, striped food objects.” That’s the weirdest way to say “watermelons” ever. So, where do you find watermelons in Nier Replicant?

Well, immediately to the south of the entrance to the mansion, one level below, there’s a grocery store (exact location in the screenshots below). They sell a whole bunch of food items, and among them are watermelons. Now, remember, you need to purchase ten. They cost 800 Gold each. That’s pretty steep, especially considering your total can be 8000. The quest rewards you with 3000 Gold, which leaves you in the red. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of other side quests in the city that can help you recoup the costs on the Nier Replicant Item Unknown quest. Or just leave the woman melonless, if you so choose.

Incidentally, watermelons are also a part of the Yonah’s Gift quest. You can read more about that in our Nier Replicant Watermelon – Yonah’s Gift guide. You can also check out some of our other Nier Replicant guides, such as The Tangled Message, Aerie Chief Location, and many more.

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