Nier Replicant Letter to a Lover - House location

To complete Letter to a Lover side quest in Nier Automata you’ll, once again, have to search for a house in the Aerie. This is similar to the quest you had at the beginning of the game, when you had to find the Aerie village chief’s house. Interestingly, the house you’ll search for is close to the village chief’s. You’ll be able to pick this quest up after Kainé joins the party. It is started near the fountain in Seafront’s plaza, past the save point. We’ll show you how to find the lover’s house in Aerie for Nier Replicant Letter to a Lover side quest.

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Nier Replicant Letter to a Lover House location

Where is the lover’s house for Nier Replicant Letter to a Lover?

You’ll find the lover’s house real close to village chief’s house in Aerie. Take the same route you took to reach the Aerie village chief’s hut. When you enter Aerie walk through the tunnel until you reach the save point. Cross the wooden bridge to the other side of the chasm. On your right is the ladder you should then climb. Once on the upper level turn left and then pass the two huts. There’s another bridge taking you across the canyon. Once you cross it the chief’s house is on the right, but you need to turn left. The last house left of the bridge is the one you’re looking for. She is not there, but the quest continues. You can use the map bellow to find its location

You are supposed to return to the quest giver in Seafront. On your way out of Aerie you’ll be attacked by a huge shade. Defeat it to find out what happened to the man’s lover. All you’re left with now is return to Seafront and reveal your findings to the man. This completes the Nier Replicant Letter to a Lover quest. You’ll receive 3000g.

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