Nier Replicant Lizard Tail and Mouse Tail Locations - The Ballad of the Twins

Nier Replicant side quests can be a joy sometimes and one of those is the Ballad of the Twins that asks you to fetch five lizard tails and five mouse tails to have Devola and Popola sing together. You get the quest once you help your sister by visiting the tavern in your village. From there you go to the library and ask Devola if she will join. She says yes, under the condition you get her a special drink. Turns out this drink requires very special ingredients. IF you are wondering where to find Lizard and mouse tails in Nier Replicant we’ll show you the map and location where to farm these.

Nier Replicant Lizard Tail and Mouse Tail Locations The Ballad of the Twins

Nier Replicant Lizard Tails Location Map

Lizard tails in Nier Replicant are found by capturing lizards in Northern Plains or Eastern Road. They run around certain spots on those maps and you can’t shoot them or kill them with your weapon. The trick is to be fast once you see them and then interact with them (circle on PS4 or B on Xbox). This will harvest the lizard tail from them. The earliest you can find some is in Northern Plains. Once you enter the zone you will see a broken bridge that takes you to Junk Heap. Make your way there as if you’ll use it. The land drops down towards the scaffolding that takes you up on the bridge. At the beginning of this drop is where the lizards are at. You’ll have several running around and then you can try catching as many as you can. If you need more, go back to the village and re-enter Northern Plains. Go back to the same spot and the lizards should have respawned.

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You can easily find some lizards on the Eastern Road. They are close to the trees and bushes. They are hard to see, but you’ll see a triangle when you get close. This means you can catch it and then get the lizard tail.

Mouse Tails Locations – Nier Replicant

Mice are even harder to find in Nier Replicant. They share the mechanic with lizards. You have to catch them to harvest their tails. They are found in the outside of the Junk Heap region. Make your way from the village to the Northern Plains and continue north. You want to reach the broken bridge where you just caught the lizards. Use the scaffolding to climb on top of the bridge and make your way towards Junk Heap. This is where the two brothers have the weapon upgrade shop. Next to their shop is a save point and I usually catch one or two mouse tails here. If you continue towards Junk Heap proper you should find another couple of mice close to the very entrance into the abandoned factory.

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