Nier Replicant Dog Astray - Lost Dog Side Quest

You’ll get Nier Replicant Dog Astray side quest from an old man near southern entrance into the village. Quest becomes available after you first visit Seafront and finish your initial business there. Upon your return to the village you’ll see a new quest marker. The animal likes to roam the Northern Plains. Doing these little side quests is great source of income and XP in the game. It also helps get all the achievements for the game. In this article we’ll give you tips and ultimately show you the location of the dog in northern plains for the Nier Replicant Dog Astray quest.

Nier Dog Quest Location Nier Replicant Dog Astray

Where to Find the Lost Dog for Dog Astray Nier Replicant side quest?

Lost dog is in Northern Plains region. It’s been trained to find herbs the old man uses as heart medicine. Northern Plains are not a huge region, but finding a small dog may prove challenging. As you enter the region continue straight. You want to move like you’re going to go to Junk Heap. Reach the scaffolding that helps you climb up on top of the broken bridge, but then go towards the river. There will be some small and medium shades next to the river bank. Defeat them. You should see a gleam similar to the one you have for picking up items. When you come closer you’ll find the dog.

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Now you have to go back to the village and share the sad news with the old man. When you reach the spot where you got the quest you’ll see someone else there. It’s the dog owner’s grandson. Turns out this is one of those sad quests Nier Replicant is full of. At least the old man and his dog are together now. You might want to check out how to find some lizard tails and mouse tails in Nier Replicant instead. At least in that quest you won’t want to weep like a small child.

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