Nier Replicant Natural Rubber - Goat Hide Location - New merchant in town Quest

Nier Replicant Natural Rubber is a material you’ll need for upgrading your weapons and, along with some wool and goat hide, for the quest The New Merchant in Town. This quest is a bit of a grind, but it rewards you with 10000g in the end, so it might be worth the trouble. It is all done in part 1 of the game and if you progress to part 2 you won’t be able to complete it. There are several spots where you can farm goat hide and wool as well. We’ll give you tips and show you locations of where to buy and farm natural rubber, goat hide and wool for The New Merchant in Town Nier Replicant quest.

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Nier Replicant Natural Rubber Goat Hide New Merchant in Town

Where to Find Natural Rubber in Nier Replicant?

Natural rubber in Nier Replicant is found at a merchant in Seafront for 700g or as a sparkling loot in Southern Plains. Those are the only two ways to get it. Seafront material shop sells it for 700g. It is the southernmost shop in town, next to the fishmonger. You’ll need 5 for the quest so you’ll need 3500g. Since the quest rewards 10000g, maybe this is the best way of getting it. Alternatively you should go to Southern plains and check out all sparkling item spawns next to trees. These, reportedly, also dropped natural rubber in the original game. The drop rate is abysmal. It will take at least half an hour to farm them even with item drop rate increase words. Our recommendation is to just buy them off the merchant.

Where to Find Goat Hide in Nier Replicant?

Goat Hide is dropped by goats in Northern Plains and Eastern Road. It does not drop from every goat. Drop chance is about 30%. It is higher from goats in Eastern Road. As soon as you enter the region from your village you should come across five goats. It should take about 5 runs toward the Lost shrine and back to your village to farm enough. Since you’ll be farming for wool for this quest you will want to kill goats in Northern plains as well. As you enter the zone from your village go right (east). There should be two or three goats there, but for some reason they drop less goat hide.

How to Complete The New Merchant in Town

Some of you might have noticed that once you turn in your natural rubber, goat hides and wool the merchant doesn’t complete the quest. Where’s your 10000g reward? The captain says he needs to go and sell the items to be able to reward you. You will need to go about your business and then return later at the same spot to get your reward. Try just exiting seafront and re-entering. If that does not work then wait for a couple of hours of real time to pass by doing other quests in the game and then return to Seafront. Captain should be there and you’ll complete the quest.

If you think spending 3500g for five Nier Replicant natural rubber is too much please keep in mind that farming it from item nodes in southern plains will take an hour or more. Money is easy to come by the more you play. There’s a cool Nier Replicant money farming video that will help you get that money in minutes. We strongly suggest to be strong and part with 3500g. Seafront merchants will be thankful :).

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