Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower Seeds

Pink Moonflower Seeds in Nier Replicant are an incredibly rare item that you need to complete the Life in the Sands quest. This is way trickier than it sounds, because you can’t purchase the seeds, nor can you buy the pink flowers. More importantly, you can’t find them in the open world, either. Instead, you have to get creative and put your farming hat on. The process is really complicated and tricky, so here’s our guide to help you figure out how to get Pink Moonflower Seeds.

nier replicant pink moonflower seeds
Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower Seeds

How to Get Pink Moonflower Seeds in Nier Replicant

To get the Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower Seeds, you have to get your farming on. Before that, though, I recommend completing the A Return to Shopping quest to acquire extra garden space. You’ll need it, because the seeds are fairly rare. If you’re in the second part of the game, you can buy the Cultivator’s Handbook from the Village Florist. With that out of the way, head to the Florist in The Aerie, and purchase a total of fifteen Gold and Blue Moonflowers. By that, I mean seven of one and eight of the other, doesn’t matter which one you have more of.

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Once you get all the Moonflowers, go back to your farm and plant them in an alternating manner – Gold-Blue-Gold-Blue – until you plant all fifteen. Throw in some Bounty Fertilizer to increase your odds. You’ll need to wait two days, which you can skip by messing with your platform’s clock. If you’re lucky, you should now have some Red and Indigo flowers. Almost there.

The next step to getting Pink Moonflower Seeds in Nier Replicant is to plant the Indigo and Red flowers in the same alternating pattern. Again, throw in some Bounty Fertilizer, and wait another two days (or skip them, if you’re impatient). At this point, you should be able to harvest some Pink Moonflowers. Plant them again, then rinse and repeat until you have the ten seeds that you need to complete the Life in the Sands quest.

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