Nioh Bloodshed's End DLC Released, Gets Launch Trailer

The new Bloodshed’s End DLC for Nioh is out today. It’s the final chapter of the game’s story, bringing you the end of the Sengoku-era. Team Ninja and Sony have also released a new launch trailer for the DLC, showing off some of the new yokai, new characters, and story elements.

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Nioh Bloodshed's End DLC Released, Gets Launch Trailer
Nioh Bloodshed’s End DLC Released, Gets Launch Trailer

The last Nioh DLC, called Bloodshed’s End, has finally launched today, September 26th. This is the final chapter of the Nioh saga, which will close the book of the Sengoku-era, as well as William’s story. You can buy the Bloodshed’s End DLC for $9.99. If you’ve bought the Nioh season pass, you’ll get the DLC for free. Well, “free”, considering you paid for the season pass.

As for what you can expect to get in Bloodshed’s End, well, like mentioned before, you’ll get to see William’s story to the end. The new DLC picks up right where the previous one, Defiant Honor, left off (minor spoilers ahead). You’ll go back to Osaka Castle, which is in pretty bad shape after the siege. Basically, only the inner sanctum is left standing after Tokugawa and Toyotomi. Of course, war breaks out again, and there’s a new threat looming. The DLC will feature new yokai for you to fight, new characters to interact with, and new Guardian Spirits to help you out. You’ll battle through main missions, sub missions, and a new mode – The Abyss. It’s basically a large, eternal PvP arena for players to battle in.

The Bloodshed’s End DLC also got a launch trailer. The video showcases some of the new Yokai and other horrible foes you’ll have to encounter in Osaka Castle. If story is what sells you on Nioh, the trailer also reveals tiny little bits of story, as well. Just enough to whet your appetite. You can check out the video below.

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