Destiny 2 Pyramidion Nightfall Strike Guide

Pyramidion is the latest Destiny 2 nightfall strike. It’s going to be in the rotation from September 26th to October 3rd, letting you and a two other lucky rascals try your hand at infiltrating a Vex base, hacking their defences and defeating their boss, Genesis Mind. There are only two modifiers this week, and you’re definitely not going to like one of them. The other should ease the pain a bit, at least. This guide will help you beat the Destiny 2 Pyramidion nightfall strike, defeat Genesis Mind and get that luminous engram.

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destiny 2 pyramidion nightfall strike
Destiny 2 Pyramidion Nightfall Strike Guide

Pyramidion nightfall strike modifiers – September 26th-October 3rd

There are only two modifiers this week, and they’re both brand new. Which means no prism, thank heavens.
  • Timewarp: Zero Hour – There is no way to beef up the timer this week. What you start with is all you’ve got, so you have to be efficient.
  • Torrent – Since there’s no anomalies or gates to prolongue your stay in the strike, Bungie had to even the playing field a bit. That’s where Torrent comes in – it will increase recharge times for all your abilities (grenades, rifts, etc).

How to complete Pyramidion nightfall strike

As far as preparation is concerned, you should use subclasses whose abilities do the most damage. The one exception is the Nighstalker – you’ll need one on your team for the smoke grenades. Abilty cooldowns are much shorter than usual, so don’t forget to use them whenever they’re available. It would be great if you could bring at least one Merciless into the strike. You’ll start with 22 minutes on the clock, with no way to add more, so avoid combat whenever possible.

As you approach the Pyramidion, you’ll have to defeat two waves of enemies. Instead of holding back and picking them off from afar, we suggest running in and spamming rifts and grenades like crazy. Once the door is open, jump on your sparrow and race down to the Depths. As Ikora says, ignore the Taken and get down to the laser tunnel. Once you’re inside, there will be more laser traps – be cautious. They’re easy to avoid if you don’t rush.

When you get out of there, you’ll have to deal with a group of Taken. Spam them with grenades, and don’t forget to use your supers. When you’re done with them, a group of Vex will appear – same rules apply. Go through the warp gate, but don’t rush – there’s another laser trap area behind it. This time the lasers will go on and off, so you have to time it. Your next objective will be to activate the three altars in a room full of Taken. This is where the Nightstalker comes in – let them activate all three altars while invisible. In the meantime, the other two should just occupy the Taken’s attention. Once the barrier is down, run into the warp gate, ignoring the remaining enemies.

The last laser section is also the hardest, since it features moving lasers. You may be able to run past the taken and into the tunnel – we weren’t. The warp gate is just after the tunnel. The next area will require you to hack four control towers – again, use the Nightstalker and their smoke bombs to do the leg work, while the others keep the Taken entertained. Once the towers are under your control, the final warp gate will become accessible. Run into it without clearing out the enemies, then jump down the shaft into the Conduit. Only one player needs to do this, and the game will teleport the other two.

How to destroy Brakion, Genesis Mind

If you have a Merciless, now’s the time to use it. After you damage it a bit, the Genesis Mind will summon a barrier to protect itself. It’ll also start spawning adds. Try to stay behind cover and use grenades to deal with the adds, while one of you stands on the round pressure plate to lower the shield. The boss will try to snipe them, so be prepared to revive. When you get it down to 30% health, it will teleport to the middle – no more shields. Start spamming grenades and supers – ignore the adds if they’re not overwhelming you. Once the boss’ head blows up, the weak spot will be the belly.

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