Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Available, Adds New Weapon & Guardian Spirits

The second Nioh DLC, Defiant Honor, is out now. It will pit players against the fearsome samurai Sanada Yukimura and his ninja bodyguard, Sarutobi Sasuke. The DLC also brings a new weapon to the game, the tonfa. On top of that, you’ll also get new Guardian Spirits, Nurarihyon and Enku, as well as new types of enemies, and more.

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Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Available, Adds New Weapon & Guardian Spirits
Nioh Defiant Honor DLC Available, Adds New Weapon & Guardian Spirits

Nioh players can now play the second DLC, called Defiant Honor. It comes two months after the release of the first DLC, Dragon of the North. Defiant Honor is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $10. It brings a lot of new content, including a new weapon, two Guardian Spirits, new enemy types, and a whole new chapter of the story.

Tom Lee, Creative Director at Team Ninja, wrote a post on PlayStation Blog to give us more information about the Defiant Honor DLC. According to the post, the protagonist William will be battling against the famous samurai Sanada Yukimura. Team Ninja went to great pains to depict him as accurately as possible, while still keeping true to the spirit of the game.

Another enemy we’ll be fighting is Sarutobi Sasuke, one of the most famous ninjas and ninjutsu masters in history. He is Sanada Yukimura’s right-hand man and bodyguard, and a formidable opponent. Fortunately, William will have access to a new close-quarters weapon, the tonfa, which can be used both in offense and defense. William will also have two new Guardian Spirits at his side, Enku and Nurarihyon.

The Nioh Defiant Honor DLC also got a launch trailer, showing off some of the action and bits of the story. You can check it out below. As you can see in the video and in the screenshot above, Sanada Yukimura is a fearsome foe. You’ll likely need to employ all of your skill to defeat him.

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