Nioh Genius Strategist Armor Set

Genius Strategist armor set is mainly obtained through the training missions called The Way of the Warrior. You can acquire the weaker version of this set fairly early. The set is best suited for the Sword users. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Nioh Genius Strategist armor set.

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Where to find all Genius Strategist pieces

The set pieces can drop from the enemies that carry the lookalike set. To increase your chance of gaining all the pieces, you can complete the The Way of the Warrior mission. Marume Nagayoshi boss found within this mission drops the armor pieces. He will fight you at the Adept and Veteran level of the mission. These missions can be obtained at a certain point in the game. You can start them from the Region menu, look for the Dojo tab.

The Way of the Warrior: Adept is a level 40 mission with a minimum of 100 000 weapon proficiency. You can start it once you complete Chugoku, the second Nioh region. Complete it after “The Way of the Warrior: Novice” and it will open.

The Way of the Warrior: Veteran is a level 65 mission with a slightly higher weapon proficiency requirement. In order to unlock it, you need to complete the level 70 main mission called “The Iga Escape” in the fourth region – Tokai.

Tip: Blacksmith Senji Tome can also craft this set. Bring her the Genius Strategist smithing text that drops from Marume Nagayoshi, and she will be able to do it.

Genius Strategist Set Stats

There are six pieces in this set. Garb and Hakama come as a reward for completing the Adept mission. For all the other pieces, you’ll have to defeat and loot the items from Marume Nagayoshi. Genius Strategist’s Hachimaki might only drop from the veteran quest.

  • Taisharyu Wooden Sword
  • Genius Strategist’s Hachimaki
  • Genius Strategist’s Garb
  • Genius Strategist’s Tekko
  • Genius Strategist’s Hakama
  • Genius Strategist’s Geta

The set pieces bonus rely heavily on Ki, its reduction and skill Ki damage. Two set pieces extend timely guard opening. The numbers below are the default ones. They can increase with the higher level set pieces.

  • 2 Pieces:
    • Damage Reduction 1.5%
    • Extend Timely Guard Opening
  • 4 Pieces:
    • Close Combat Damage / +7.6%
    • Skill ki Reduction / +20.4%
  • 5 Pieces:
    • Ki / +10
  • 6 Pieces:
    • Skill Ki Damage / +15.0%
You’ll need 12 body and 13 strength in order to equip this set.

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