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Genius Strategist Armor Set Nioh

Genius Strategist Armor Set

Genius Strategist armor set is mainly obtained through the training missions called The Way of the Warrior. You can acquire the weaker version of this…

Head of the Iga Ninja Armor Set Nioh

Best Ninja Outfit – Iga Jonin Set

The best Ninja armor set can be obtained through the tutorial and training missions called The Way of the Ninja. You can obtain five pieces…

nioh hidden teahouse

How to unlock Hidden Teahouse

Hidden Teahouse is a special location in Nioh. It’s a place where you’ll go to meet the clan merchant, who sells stuff in exchange for…

Kodama Locations Tokai Region Nioh

Kodama Locations Tokai Region

Tokai Region is the fourth region in Nioh. 25 Kodama tree spirits is something that, at this point, has become a standard for each map….

Kinki Region Nioh Kodama Spirits Location

Kinki Region Kodama Locations

Kinki region is the third region you get to in Nioh. It comes after the Chugoku region. Just like on the previous maps, this one…

Nioh Nue Boss Guide

Nue Boss Fight

Nue is a boss you’ll encounter in Nioh. You can find him in the main mission called The Spirit Stone Slumbers, located in the Kyushu…

nioh umi bozu boss

Umi-bozu Boss Fight

Umi-bozu is a boss in Nioh. It appears at the end of the Oceans Roar Again main mission. It’s a giant sea blob that spits…

nioh tachibana muneshige duel side mission

Tachibana Muneshige Sub Mission Boss

Tachibana Muneshige is one of the bosses in Nioh. You’ll first encounter him during a main mission, where you should have no trouble defeating him….

nioh chugoku region kodama locations

Chugoku Region Kodama Locations

Chugoku region is the second area you’ll explore in Nioh. There are 25 Kodama to find there, and they’re scattered across four quest – two…

kodama locations kyushu region nioh

Kodama Locations Kyushu Region

Kyushu region is the first map in Nioh. There are three main missions in it, and they’ll let you collect 25 Kodama in total. These…

nioh mimic chest tanuki

Mimic Chest Locations

Mimic chests are special yokai in Nioh. They appear to be regular chests, but they’re actually tanuki demons in disguise. When you open one, the…

Nioh How to Get Ochoko Cups

How to Get Ochoko Cups

Ochoko cups are a useful item you can find in Nioh. You use them to summon other players into your game. You can get them…

nioh hino-enma boss fight

Hino-enma Boss Fight

Hino-enma is a boss in Nioh. She’s a cave-dwelling succubus you’ll encounter in Deep in the Shadows, the second proper mission. She’s really fast and…

nioh amrita farming

Amrita Farming

Amrita is a currency in Nioh. It is gained mainly by killing enemies, and it’s used to level up and upgrade your stats. You’ll need…