Nioh Skill Reset - How to Respec using the Book of Reincarnation

Resetting skill points in Nioh gives back all earned Amrita and invested attribute points. It lowers your character to level one, after which you can invest skill points into new attributes. Resetting skills is rather simple. All you need to do is to buy and use the Book of Reincarnation. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to reset skills in Nioh, so you can try out another build.

How to respec in Nioh

First of all, you need to complete the first two story missions. You can’t reset your skills before this point, and why would you?

  • Once the first two main story missions are done, you can now interact with the Blacksmith.
  • Open the world map and choose the Starting Point on one of the regions. You can’t miss it. All roads go from it, and it has the distinct sign of a large house. You’ll see the Blacksmith option here.
  • The blacksmith’s first interaction option offers the choice of Buy and Sell. Choose the Buy one.
  • After the weapons and armor tab, there is an Item bar. Scroll down the list and find the Book of Reincarnation.
  • The book costs 10 000 gold, and its price will raise after the initial purchase. The next time you want to buy the book, you’ll need to cash out 30 000 gold, then 100 000, even 1 million at one point.
  • Now, from the Starting Point menu, head to the Storehouse, find the item and use it.
  • Once the book is used, you’ll get back all the invested Amrita, Samurai, Ninja and Onmyo Magic Skill Points.
  • Use the shrine to relocate them all at your will.
  • You cannot reset the skills during a mission, as the book can’t be used then.
How to Reset Skills Nioh

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Here’s the Book of Reincarnation description: A Text detailing the secrets of life, death and rebirth that lets you reassign your Amrita and skill points. However, using it will reset your level and skills.

Book of Reincarnation Locations

The blacksmith is not the only one who sells the book. You can find the other vendor in the Hidden Teahouse. This option is available for players later on in the game. It is found at the same place where you can interact with the Blacksmith, at the Starting Point.

The Hidden Teahouse vendor trades the Book of Reincarnation for Glory. This currency is mainly earned through multiplayer play. You can also earn it once you kill the dead player’s ghost, the ones you need to summon from the red sword grave in the missions. The book costs 800 Glory. The price will increase, just like with the blacksmith, after each purchase.

In the end, if you are not in a rush, you can always expect to find the book during the missions, or as a reward from specific ones.

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