New Nioh Screenshots Released

Nioh just released 17 new interesting screenshots. They look amazing, with some action sequences and characters that will be involved in the main story. You can check the full gallery of screenshots on Nioh’s official site HERE.

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New Nioh Screenshots released
William fighting a huge bird in Nioh

Let’s analyze the screenshots and see if we can come up with some interesting facts and details about Nioh.

In the first two screenshots, we see William fighting a huge humanoid bird, but with a different set of weapons. In the first one, he is fighting with a spear, and in the second, he is carrying a huge cannon-like rifle engraved with some intricate details. The question is, is the bird some kind of boss, or is it just a simple enemy that you will encounter several times during your travels?

In the next set of screenshots, we see William fighting against a bearded bald man, but they are both using wooden weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Maybe this segment of the game will be some kind of training exercise and tutorial for us to hone our skills in different techniques.

As you scroll through the pictures, you will notice a warrior that has an eagle on his shoulder. Maybe the eagle will represent the Daiba-Washi, one of the guardian spirits that will grant you different combat boosts. The same thing goes for the samurai warrior that has a spirit tiger next to him.

The next picture set shows a raging battle between two factions. It would be a very interesting feature if we could participate in a full-scale samurai battle as a segment of the story. The last screenshots reveal a huge, scary looking burning skeleton that is emerging from a lava source. It is very possible that this will be some kind of epic boss fight.

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