Horizon Zero Dawn - Story Trailer, New Areas and Protagonists Revealed

With the release date closing in, we are getting more and more information about Horizon Zero Dawn. This time, we have a chance to take a glimpse into the story. The story trailer reveals some of the motives behind the actions of our main character Aloy.

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In the first several seconds of the trailer, we can see some of the key points of the game. Aloy’s village is attacked, and she’s on a pursuit of the people responsible for it. The relationship with her tribesmen can be felt really strongly here. It offered a new feeling, completely different from the one we’ve had in the “Secrets of the Past” video. In that video, she was portrayed as an outcast.

Once she’s forced to leave the sacred land of her village, a new world appears. Her riding on a robot gave off the feeling that she wasn’t that overwhelmed by her new discoveries.

The land doesn’t seem too desolate, with the new scenery including a huge town and the large arena, both locations of two different tribes. One of them seems to be the one responsible for the hideous actions back in the village. They pose a serious threat, as allegedly they can now control the machines, corrupting them, and spreading the same disease to other machines.

It seems like the focus of the story isn’t only on the battle between the tribes. The appearance of the hologram of actor Lance Reddick reveals more of the background. The tribe’s confrontations appears so small once you are faced with the end of the world, or the new beggining.

The large robot that we can see at the start and at the end of the trailer seems to have a bigger role. Is it the end game boss? It remains to be discovered.

In order to play the game, that comes out on February 28, you’ll need a PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation exclusive. You can also play it on the PS4 Pro. It costs $59.99 for a standard version and $69.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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