Nioh Transform Skins - How to Change Appearance

Transform skins are costumes in Nioh. They allow you to change William’s appearance, making him look like other characters from the game. While you’re using them, the armor you’re wearing won’t be shown. These outfits can be purchased, or found while you play. They don’t affect your abilities in any way – they’re purely cosmetic. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Nioh transform skins, where to find them and how to change appearance.

nioh transform skins
Nioh transform skins
Note: This guide is under construction. We’ll update it as we progress through the game. There are spoilers ahead, so be wary.

How to get Nioh skins

The only way to get skins we’ve seen so far is to buy them from the clan vendor. When you’re on the map, select the starting point, then choose to visit the Hidden Teahouse. Choose the option to trade, then look for the Transform tab. You’ll see a bunch of costumes on sale, and you can get them in exchange for Glory.

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Since these are mostly bosses, you’ll first have to defeat them in order to unlock their outfits. Here’s a list of all the skins we’ve seen on sale there:

NamePrice (Glory)
Hattori Hanzo1300
Tokugawa Ieyasu8200
Ii Naomasa5850
Torii Mototada5000
Edward Kelley20000
Ishida Mitsunari8200
Shima Sakon5500
Otani Yoshitsugu5500
Obsidian Samurai8450
Oda Nobunaga12000
Saika Magoichi6500
Kuroda Nagamasa2750
Tachibana Muneshige4550
Marume Nagayoshi8000
Sakata Kintoki9000

Most of them look great, but they’re pretty expensive, and Glory isn’t that easy to come by. Don’t expect to be able to buy them all – save your Glory points and spend them wisely. In order to equip them, just choose the Transform option from the Hidden Teahouse menu, and it will show you a list of all the skins you’ve got, along with a preview of what you’ll look like after you’ve applied them.

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