No Man's Sky Living Ship Update Adds New Space Vessel

The Living Ship update for No Man’s Sky is now out, and it brings a whole new type of spaceship to the game. These ships are living beings, the eggs of which you can find and incubate into a ship of your own. With all the strangeness that permeates the universe, might as well have living creatures that are also spaceships.

No Mans Sky Living Ship Update Adds New Space Vessel
No Man’s Sky Living Ship Update Adds New Space Vessel

Have you ever wanted to fly a spaceship that’s also a living being? Well, with the new Living Ship update in No Man’s Sky, you can. These beautiful, vividly-colored, insect-like creatures function pretty much like any ship would, except they’re organisms. Their design looks great, both inside and outside. Speaking of the inside, the cockpit is covered in weird veins, and you operate the ship by grasping at tendrils. It’s gross, to be sure, but undeniably awesome.

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Now, how does one acquire these living ships? Well, there’s a series of new missions that you’ll have to complete. They will take you through the ancient Korvax experiments that created the new ships. You’ll then have to pay a visit to the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg, which you’ll have to collect, incubate, and grow. Every ship you hatch will have its own set of abilities, determined by its own set of organs. For that reason, you can’t upgrade them as other ships; instead, you’ll have to carefully nurture the Egg to get what you want.

So, there you have it. The universe is a strange place, so who’s to say it can’t house creatures that are sentient spaceships? If you wanna see one of the living ships in action, both interior and exterior, you can take a gander at them in the video below. I’m not gonna lie; they look really, really cool; the concept itself is, too, out there as it may be.

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