The Division 2 Kenly College Returns February 25th

The Kenly College missions are coming back to The Division 2 on Tuesday, February 25th, and will stay in the game for an unspecified amount of time. While it does, you’ll have the second chance to get the Diamondback Exotic Rifle for completing all three expeditions that take place on the campus of the college, if you haven’t done so the first way around. And even if you have, you might as well go back to Kenly and relive the adventure, if you’re sick of New York already.

The Division 2 Kenly College Returns February 25th
The Division 2 Kenly College Returns February 25th

In case you have missed out on the Kenly College expeditions in The Division 2, fret not. As is the case with the majority of activities in live services, especially loot-based games like this, the developers cycle through them. And, it’s now time for Kenly College to make a comeback, together with its three expeditions and the Diamondback Exotic Rifle that you get for completing them. You can read more about the rifle in our Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle – How to Get guide.

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For those of you that missed Kenly the first time around, here are the basics. The three expeditions take you across the Kenly College campus in a more open fashion than the typical Division 2 mission. There are three expeditions, yes, but there’s still more to do than the usual “go there and push the button to trigger the thing” missions. There are also some rudimnetary puzzles for you to solve, such as Kenly Library Disable Security System Cable Puzzle.

So, there you have it, agents. You’ll be able to take another stroll across the Kenly College starting Tuesday, February 25th. The announcement on the Division 2 Twitter account does not mention how long the activity will stay in the game, so make sure to make use of it and snag the Diamondback rifle before it’s gone again.

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