No Man's Sky Update 1.33 Improves Ship Handling

No Man’s Sky update 1.33 adds the ability to scan ships, along with ten new things, various bug fixes and improvements. The patch notes are the longest this side of the Atlas Rises update. This patch is available for both PC and PlayStation 4 users.

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No Man's Sky Update 1.33 Improves Ship Handling
No Man’s Sky Update 1.33 Improves Ship Handling

No Man’s Sky 1.33 Patch Notes

The previous update was released on August 17th. There is a steady flow of patches in the period of five plus days since the release of the Atlas Rises update.

As always, you can find the latest patch notes, including all the fixes not included in our list, on the official site. Be sure to participate in the bug reporting, in order to get them handled faster.


  • Rockets to starting ship in creative default save game.
  • New icon for solo difficulty AI ships.
  • And improved audio at the ending of the Atlas path.
  • And improved audio for terrain editing.
  • Ability to scan all building types and fixed their displayed names.
  • Ability to scan ships.
  • Option to display temperatures in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin regardless of locale.
  • Ability to cancel in progress missions.
  • Faction icons on the galactic map.
  • Joypad and keyboard controls for switching between inventories.
  • Missing scan event icon to the Antimatter tutorial.


  • Audio for missions.
  • Vehicle boost timings.
  • UI error messages relating to missions on the galactic map.
  • Ship speed output on ship HUD.
  • Binocular scanning for background objects.
  • Ship handling when booster upgrades are installed.
  • Visuals around icons for different inventories.
  • Saving and loading of terrain edits.
  • Automatically selecting missions from NPCs in your base when they begin.
  • Pricing of base building parts in normal mode.
  • Low flight mode handling.


  • Made marker for rare graves stay up for the same time as other object markers.
  • Prevented trees in frozen biomes spawning close to or intersecting buildings.
  • Increased guidance for finding Convergence Cubes as part of the scientist mission.
  • Prevented some tutorials (for example for life support) from being shown in your log.
  • Prevented Artemis being visible in the holohub after they should have left.
  • Protected against some cases where missions can send you to depot which has already been destroyed.
  • Prevented binocular scanning flicking between multiple objects.
  • Reduced cases where terrain editing changes are lost when reloading a save.
  • Reduced difficulty of the final armourer mission.
  • Prevented the interaction camera occasionally triggering at inappropriate times.
  • Prevented pinned missions occasionally being deselected on warp.

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