Cities: Skylines Green Cities Expansion Out Later This Year

Cities: Skylines is getting a new expansion called Green Cities, before the end of the year. This was announced during Gamescom by Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order. For the price of $13, you’ll get to enjoy 200 new buildings, 100 assets, specializations and more.

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The last major expansion, Mass Transit, was released on May 18th this year, followed by the Concerts DLC on August 17th. There was one more DLC that came out this year, Rock City Radio, and it was on the same day as the Mass Transit expansion. With Green Cities, the number will rise up to a staggering four new pieces of the content this year alone, with two of them being big expansions.

Green Cities Content

This paid expansion will be followed by a free update to the base game. The free content will include electric cars, road modding, changes to noise pollution, new parks, trees and more. Players who choose to pay for this add-on will receive the following content:

  • New eco-friendly buildings, new specialization buildings, new alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, electric cars, new parks and around 350 new assets.
  • New specialized options for all city zones, plus leveled-up specializations for the first time.
  • New scenarios, new policy options, and a new monument to make your friends green with envy.
  • A flower-crown hat for Chirper.

New Cities Skylines Expansion Green Cities Out Later This Year
Cities: Skylines Green Cities Expansion Out Later This Year

The expansion is set to launch on Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs later this year. Details about its porting to consoles are scarce at the moment. As was the case with all of the DLCs before, you’ll need the base game in order to play it. Expect to see some sort of discount around the time of release.

At this point, one may wonder, what is going to be the next DLC after Green Cities? Maybe some farming-industrial simulator, service upgrading system, seasons…

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