No Man's Sky Where to find Terrain Manipulator

Terrain manipulator is a multi-tool upgrade in No Man’s Sky. It allows you to reshape the environments by adding or removing soil and rock. It’s a great thing to have – you can use it to build a cave, for example. Getting it can be tricky, and many players are wondering where exactly they can grab one. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find terrain manipulator in No Man’s Sky.

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no man's sky terrain manipulator location
Where to find Terrain Manipulator in No Man’s Sky

Terrain Manipulator Location

Vy’keen traders have been known to sell terrain manipulators, or crafting blueprints for them. However, if you just jump around Vy’keen stations looking for it, it may take a fair while. Instead, you’ll want to start a specific Artemis quest. It’s called Ghosts in the Machine, and it’ll point you towards a specific Vy’keen tech trader that will sell you the blueprint. You’ll need 100 nanites for the exchange. The recipe requires 25 iron and 25 plutonium. The machine runs on isotope elements, so make sure you have a healthy stockpile of those for refueling.

The upgrade is part of the recent update, Atlas Rises. It’s a hefty one, so make sure you’ve downloaded it before you start looking for the new tech. Once you’ve got the manipulator, you can use it to dig up underground bases, build caves or simply to free yourself when you get stuck on terrain. It’s nice addition to the arsenal, but it’s mostly meant for players who are interested in building bases and settling down. It’s not of much use to nomads who never return to planets they’ve already visited.

No Man’s Sky has grown considerably since release. Atlas Rises is its third major update, adding more story missions as well as new features and improvements. If you’ve bought the game way back when, it’s worth firing up again – it’s definitely not what you’d expect.


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