Outer Worlds Byzantium Location - How To Travel To Byzantium

Byzantium in Outer Worlds is a location that you can go to in the game, but you have to unlock it first. In fact, Byzantium won’t even show up on your Navigational Terminal until you complete a specific Outer Worlds quest. And even that is easier said and done, as we’ll explain. You can’t really miss it, I don’t think, but I can see people having trouble figuring this one out. That being the case, our Outer Worlds Byzantium Location – How To Travel To Byzantium guide is gonna show you how to unlock Byzantium in Outer Worlds.

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Outer Worlds Byzantium Location How To Travel To Byzantium
Outer Worlds Byzantium Location – How To Travel To Byzantium

How to Unlock Byzantium in Outer Worlds?

To unlock Byzantium in Outer Worlds, you’ll have to keep pushing through the main quest until you’ve nearly cleared out what there is to do aboard the Groundbreaker. Talk with Udom Bedford inside the Halcyon offices. The dialogue option you absolutely have to choose is “I know where to find Phineas Welles.” There rest of the options don’t matter much, as long as you keep the conversation going in that direction.

If you really wanna be a stickler, here’s the sequence that you can follow that will lead you in the right direction. First, it’s “I know where to find Phineas Welles,” then “I saw Welles’ wanted poster, and I want to claim the bounty,” then “What,” then “What kind of reasons,” then “Fine, you needed money, what’s next?” Just keep going from there. This is not a strict sequence you have to follow, but you can.

By the end of it, you’ll get the “Balance Due” main quest. Prepare yourself well for this one, because you’ll have to shell out eight thousand Bits in order to proceed. Yeah, that’s all sorts of fun.

How to Travel to Byzantium Location in Outer Worlds?

To travel to Byzantium, go and talk to Gladys aboard the Groundbreaker once Udom Bedford gives you the “Balance Due” quest. She’s behind the door under the Rest-n-Go sign. That’s next to the Spacer’s Choice joint which, in turn, is next to the Medical Bay. Go through the Rest-n-Go door, then through the first door on the left. Speak to Gladys about the official Board seal.

This is the point where you’ll have to shell out eight thousand Bits in order to continue. Hope you’ve been frugal. Anyway, once you give Gladys the money, she’ll give you the seal. Take it back to Udom. He’ll, in return, give you the Navkey to Byzantium. Once this happens, Byzantium should pop up on the Navigation Terminal aboard The Unreliable. So, pack your bags, and hop over there.

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  1. A

    I killed Gladys and haven’t had to speed anything to get to stellarbay or Byzantium

    1. Just load up another save. It autosaves all the time

    2. G
      GeNySis fallen

      I did to but if you raid her room t he go through with the dialog with udom you should be able to get it for free without paying the 8k bits

  2. A
    Anthony E Carpenter

    Thanks for the info. I saw your bio and Soul Reaver is one of my all time favorite games wish they would port it to the ps4 I gave my PS1 to kid who’s parents didnt have a lot of money awhile back so no joy on playing it anymore. And DnD is still the best way to play an RPG.

  3. B
    Bert Biznatch

    Actually, you dont even have to pay the 8000 bits for the official board seal. Just pick the lock on the safe literally right next to Gladys and it’s the first item inside. I got it well before I even obtained this quest lol.

  4. J

    You don’t have to get that mission at all, if you get Hiram to send Phineas the info then Phineas will unlock Byzantium for you, free of charge.

    1. D

      Thank you finally somebody with a brain can give us some real insight on how to get there instead of betraying Phineas to get there thank you.

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