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Comes Now The Power is a quest in Outer Worlds. During said quest, you’ll have to choose whether divert power to Edgewater or the Deserters at the Botanical Lab. It’s the first proper choice you have in the game (apart from whether to kill everyone you meet or not), and a lot of people are wondering what consequences the options bring. This guide will help you choose who to help in Outer Worlds Comes Now The Power quest, the botanical garden or Edgewater.

outer worlds power to edgewater or botanical choice comes now the power quest
Power to Edgewater or Botanical Choice – Comes Now The Power – Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds Divert Power to Edgewater or Deserters?

It’s the first real choice in the game, and it sounds like it has serious repercussions. You can either side with the corporation, which helps the corporation, naturally, but it also lets the entire community keep their jobs. Jobs that sound a lot like slavery, but still. If you side with the Deserters, you’ll help a budding independent community out in the desert. Both choices have merit, which is the crux of the problem.

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You’ll get the same amount of XP for both. Siding with the corp will increase your reputation with Spacer’s Choice and reduce your reputation with the Deserters. Siding with the Deserters will do the opposite.

However, there’s also a third option that lets you have your cake and eat it, so to speak. The only downside to it will be that the Botanical Lab will shut down, and Reed will end up unhappy. In order to get that outcome, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Route the power to Edgewater;
  2. Go to the Botanical Lab and talk to Adelaide. Ask her to come to Edgewater and tell her you’ll deal with Reed. Pressure her to tell you about her fertilizing technique;
  3. Go to the Cannery and talk to Reed. Tell him Adelaide has been growing food and has a secret fertilizing technique. He’ll step down from his position;
  4. Return to Adelaide and tell her the good news. She’ll take over Reed’s position and everyone will be happy (apart from Reed).

You’ll need to have enough Persuade to work over Reed, and maybe an even higher Lie, if you didn’t manage to get Adelaide to spill the beans about the fertilizer. If everything works out, you’ll get reputation with both factions, and a fancy item you can sell for almost 2k space dollars.

Kill everyone

It isn’t mentioned in the quest log as an option, but you can solve this quest like Alexander the Great solved the Gordian knot. You can just kill everyone involved and send the power to whoever – it won’t matter much, now that you’ve slaughtered the entire populace of Emerald Vale. You can also just kill Adelaide and/or Reed – if you do, you’ll get her shears and his hat as rewards in your stash at the captain’s quarters on the Unreliable.

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    Katie M

    I diverted to the lab after finishing all of the edgewater quests I could find. My Spacer’s choice positive rep remained (still revered), but I also gained -19% negative rep (separate)

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