Outer Worlds Dead Companion - How to Keep Companions Alive on Supernova

Companions can die in Outer Worlds. Not on the lower difficulty settings – there, they just get knocked out, and after the battle is over, they’re as good as new. However, if they’re downed on Supernova difficulty, they die for real. You cannot bring them back, and you miss out on their entire quest lines, along with the warmth that emanates from their very presence in your crew. If you don’t want that to happen, keep reading this guide, and we’ll show you how to keep companions alive on Supernova in Outer Worlds.

outer worlds dead companion how to keep companions alive on supernova
Outer Worlds Dead Companion – How to Keep Companions Alive on Supernova

How to keep companions alive on Supernova difficulty?

The best way to keep companions alive is to leave them behind on the Unreliable. Nothing bad can happen to them while they’re there. However, depending on your build, you might need their help in the field of battle, which would make this option pretty unatractive.

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First of all, make sure you change their behavior so that they use a defensive stance and a ranged weapon. This’ll keep them out of reach of melee attacks, but also force them to rate their own welfare higher than the deaths of their enemies. Try to increase their armor ratings as much as possible, and look for any perks that will decrease their threat generation and increase their health.

Put as many points as you can in the determination skill. Each point will increase the health of your companions, and at 20, you’ll unlock a bonus that allows them to benefit from your inhaler use. You could also put more effort into drawing fire towards yourself – the more damage your put out, the higher the chance the enemies will focus on you instead of your buddies. Finally, make sure you save often and in different slots. That way, you can reload when a companion dies without losing too much progress.

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    Bryan Guilliam

    You can’t save on supernova though, so the best you can do is go in and out of a building that loads a new area if you want to quick save

    1. S

      You can, you just have to be in your ship

      1. D

        For first half of the game getting best gear for companions can do the trick.
        Invest some points in stealth till you can pickpocket. Go to Cascadia landing pad, skip all the battles with mosters, just sneak through. Where it’s not possible, make your run through. Reach Iconoclasts and piclpocket some lone warriors to get armor and helmets. Equip you companions with it. You should be level 5-7 at this point, armor is worth level 16. Proceed with main and side quests out of Monarch, enemies will do no harm to companions.

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    A 3rd tier perk will also let you revive companions during combat with the inhaler. It has a long cooldown though so you can’t abuse it.

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