Outer Worlds Groundbreaker ID Cartridge Location - Mardet

Mardet ID cartridge is a hologram disguise in Outer Worlds. It can be used with the holographic shroud to provide access to restricted areas on the Groundbreaker – the quarantine in the med bay and such. It’s hiding in plain sight, and you might miss it while exploring the area. If you don’t know where to find it, keep reading this guide and we’re going to show you the exact Outer Worlds Groundbreaker restricted area ID cartridge location.

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outer worlds mardet id cartridge location groundbreaker
Outer Worlds Mardet ID Cartridge Location – Groundbreaker

Where to find Groundbreaker ID cartridge for the restricted area?

As you land on the Groundbreaker, go through customs and enter the main hub. Look along the left side of the avenue – there’s a medical bay next to the purple Spacer’s Choice stand. Go inside, and through the door behind the receptionist. You’ll see a door leading into the quarantine at the back – it’ll have a big glowing banner that says “restricted access”. That’s the area you cannot enter without the Mardet ID cartridge. Thankfully, the cartridge is on the small table directly next to the door.

Once you have it, you’ll be allowed to go inside, but the hologram device has an energy meter that drains when you use it. When it’s drained, you’ll lose your disguise and the first guard to spot you will try to interrogate you. If you have high enough persuade, lie or intimidate, you’ll be able to prevail and recharge your holographic shroud. Every time you’re caught this way, the requirements for the skill check will go up. In the end, it’s a balancing act – do you think the next check will be easy enough for your character, or would it be smarter to hightail it out of there before you get yourself into a shootout and damage your faction reputation irrevocably?

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