Outer Worlds Distress Signal Gladys Navkey - Passage To Anywhere

Distress Signal is part of the Passage to Anywhere quest in Outer Worlds. It’s a recording you’ll get from Gladys – she’ll ask you to use it to get some secrets, and in return, she’ll give you the navkey. There seems to be a lot of confusion around this quest, and especially the way the distress signal is used. There’s also a bug that’s just adding to the confusion. If you need help completing this mission, keep reading our Outer Worlds distress signal Gladys navkey guide.

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outer worlds distress signal gladys navkey passage to anywhere
Outer Worlds Distress Signal Gladys Navkey – Passage To Anywhere

Investigate the distress signal – can’t land at Roseway

When you talk to Gladys, she’ll give you a distress signal recording. You’ll need to input it into your ship’s computer to figure out where it was sent from, then follow the quest marker to investigate.

Quest marker stuck on Gladys

A number of people think this is a bug, but it’s just poorly explained. When you get the distress signal and talk to Gladys about going to Roseway, the quest marker will keep pointing at her. Disregard it and go to the ship. Have ADA analyze the signal by inputting it into the ship’s computer, and you’ll get a new marker.

How to land at Stellar Bay without Navkey

If you’re in a hurry to get to Stellar Bay and don’t have the 10k for the Navkey, you can just land at Monarch and walk to Stellar Bay. Once you arrive, the landing pad will be unlocked for good. There’s a lot of tough enemies on the way there, so be careful.

How to get Navkey from Gladys

Gladys wants 10k bits in exchange for the Navkey. Realistically, you won’t have that kind of money. You can do side quests until you acquire the sum, or you can follow her advice and use the distress signal to get your hands on three secrets. Bring them to her, and she’ll lower the price.