Outer Worlds Empty Man - How to Open Locked Door Without Lockpick

Empty Man is a side quest in Outer Worlds. It’s Vicar Max’ personal quest, and it involves finding and translating a bunch of lost writings. One of the steps of the quest takes place on the Groundbreaker, and requires you to open a locked door so he can hack a terminal. However, there’s no key for the door, and it requires quite a bit of lockpicking skill. If you haven’t invested in that particular route, you might be feeling stuck. Fear not, because there are other ways past that darned door. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to open locked door on Groundbreaker without lockpick, so you can complete the Outer Worlds Empty Man quest.

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outer worlds empty man how to open locked door without lockpick
Outer Worlds Empty Man – How to Open Locked Door Without Lockpick

How to open locked door on Groundbreaker

You’ll need lockpick at 25 to break through the door, along with good sneaking skills or a Groundbreaker ID Cartridge to get into the restricted area. However, you can still complete the quest without any of those – all you need is a little diplomacy.

As soon as you enter customs from the landing pad, turn left and you’ll see two security officers on the other side of the glass. Both of them can give you access to the restricted area, which will allow you to go in freely, but also unlock the door that’s been haunting your dreams. There are three ways you can go about it:

  • Talk to Commandant Sanita (the one on the left) and take a bounty. Find the fugitive, bring him to justice, and Sanita will help you out.
  • If you’ve completed the Happiness is A Warm Spaceship side quest, talk to Private Lee Flores (the one on the right) while having persuade at 30. It’ll allow you to charm him into helping you out.
  • Talk to Private Lee Flores (the one on the left) and offer him a bribe of 500 bits. You’ll be able to lower it to 300, because he’s thick.

Where to find Reginald Chaney?

The next step requires you to find a scholar named Reginald Chaney. He’s hiding out in Fallbrook – his house is next to the Sublight Dry Goods & Sundry store. He won’t be there, but if you rummage through his stuff, you’ll find some info on where he might be. This is where the trouble starts for some.

The marker will look like it’s leading you outside Fallbrook, but it really isn’t. If you open up the map while in town, you’ll clearly see you’re supposed to go to the river in the north, right next to the dam. Just go to the east part of the town, and when you reach the river, head northwest. You’ll find him in no time.