Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Sealed Door in Manager's Office Solution

Sealed door in the Geothermal Plant manager’s office in the Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power quest is a locked door that you have to open in order to proceed with the mission. Unlocking the Geothermal Plant sealed door is pretty simple, but it does require you use a code. And you might have missed out on that code, if you were’t careful. With that said, our Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Sealed Door in Manager’s Office Solution guide is going to show you how to unlock the door with the manager’s office terminal in the Comes Now the Power quest, and where to find the code for the terminal.

Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Sealed Door in Managers Office Solution
Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Sealed Door in Manager’s Office Solution

How to Open Manager’s Office Sealed Door in Outer Worlds Geothermal Plant Comes Now the Power Quest?

To open the locked door in the manager’s office in the Geothermal Plant during the Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power quest, you have to use the terminal in the office and tell it to unlock the door. Fairly simple affair, one might say. However, you need a code in order to access the terminal in the first place. To get the code, you have to speak with Reed Tobson on the first floor of the Saltuna Cannery, which you reach via elevator. Tobson is the very first person you’ll speak to in Edgewater, if you make a beeline for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

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To be perfectly honest, if you’re following the main quest, you very likely have the code already. The only way you could’ve missed out on it is if you just traded, like, two words with Tobson and went away. So, if you don’t have the code, back to Tobson you go, and talk to him properly this time. Make sure to show interest in helping him solve the energy crisis; really make him believe that you’re with him. At the end, you should get the “Geothermal Passcode.”

Now that you have the passcode, head back into the Geothermal Plant and access the terminal in the manager’s office. Select the “Unlock Office Door” option. The door is now open, and you’re free to explore the rest of the plant. You can also choose to read the messages on the terminal for some extra flavor, which I do recommend.

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    Ben Goodwin

    Hi there! I was attempting this quest myself, and have spoken many-a-word with old Reed, but havent got the passcode. Is it locked behind the perception skill check asking about his history with adelaide? I really cant seem to get it and fear I may have botched the quest- and by proxy the game – as a whole.


    1. W

      This article is wrong. You don’t need code. Just go to options in the terminal that’s asking for code and door opens.

  2. W

    i immediately murdered everyone in the emerald vale… any way around that or is it time for a new run?

  3. A

    This is inaccurate, article is wrong

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