Give Medicine to Esther or Abernathy - Long Tomorrow - Outer Worlds

Long Tomorrow is a side quest in Outer Worlds. It takes place in the Emerald Vale, and involves finding a cache of medicines, then deciding who gets it. It’s a pretty clear cut thing, but you still might end up with a dilemma. If you’re wondering whether to give medicine to Esther or Abernathy in Outer Worlds, keep reading our Long Tomorrow quest guide.

outer worlds give medicine to esther or abernathy
Give Medicine to Esther or Abernathy – Long Tomorrow – Outer Worlds

You can start the quest by talking to Martin Abernathy, an old man living near the Saltuna Cannery in Edgewater. He’ll ask you to get him the experimental antibiotics from the community center, because he can’t turn to anyone else. As you leave his home, Esther Blaine will appear. Talk to her, and she’ll ask you to give the medicine to her instead.

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Where to find medicine cache?

The cache is in the Emerald Vale community center, in the north part of the map. If you go in through the front door, you’ll see the passage leading to the quest marked is barred. Turn right and go into the bathroom, then through the hole made by the missing wall panel. Unbar the office door and you’ll end up in front of the med bay. Use the key to get inside, and you’ll find the medicine on the table to your right.

Who to give the medicine to?

Once you’ve got the medicine, it’s time to complete the quest. If you’re purely after the money, Esther will pay more, especially if you know how to haggle. If you’re wondering what the right choice here is ethically – well, there’s no way of knowing that.

Esther claims that she wants to use the medicine “on the people”, but can’t be arsed to go through proper channels. We have no way of knowing whether this is true. She also claims Abernathy is a hypochondriac, which seems to fit in well with what he tells you about why he can’t go to the doctor’s. Still, if you have a high enough medical skill, you can notice that he definitely has symptoms of something. But there’s no way to tell what that is and whether the antibiotics will help. Maybe he has a nasty fungal infection and the meds will just make it worse.

There’s just not enough information to make an informed choice here. Esther is presented as the “good” choice here, but she may just be trying to sell the medicine at a higher price later. We have no way of knowing. When pressed to say who she’ll give the meds to, she mentions Amelia and Silas, but neither of them mention it afterwards. In the end, we gave them to Abernathy because he really seemed ill, and Esther was just plain suspicious.

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