Outer Worlds How to Increase Inventory Size & Carry More Items

Your inventory size is bound to be one of the biggest limitations you’ll experience in Outer Worlds. The inventory space you start with will determine how many items you’ll be able to carry how often you’ll have to stop exploring and go back to a hub, how many weapons you’ll be able to hoard in your collection while retaining the ability to pick up new ones. It’s only natural you’d want to increase it as soon as possible. This guide will show you how to increase inventory size in Outer Worlds, so you can get more space and carry more items.

outer worlds how to increase inventory size carry more items
Outer Worlds How to Increase Inventory Size & Carry More Items

How to get more inventory space?

Your inventory size is governed by the strength attribute. If you know you’re a digital hoarder, it might be wise to invest in it more heavily while tuning your starting build. You won’t be able to increase it once you’re done with character creation, so think about it.

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If you’re already past that point, there’s only so much you can do. Each companion will give you an additional dozen or so kilograms of carry weight, so be sure to make use of that. There are three perks which affect your carry weight – one in each tier. The first one’s called Pack Mule, and it gives you +50 kg carry capacity. The second tier perk is called Pack of Pack Mules, and it increases the carry weight bonus you get from companions by 40kg. In the third tier, you’ll be able to get the Super Pack Mule, which gives you +100kg capacity.

There’s also the Hoarder perk, which decreases the weight of all consumables by 50%. We haven’t had the chance to test this one – it might not be worth the perk point, to be completely honest. Try it out at your own discretion.

Finally, make sure to use the stash on the ship as soon as you’ve unlocked it. It’s the yellow box in the Captain’s Quarters. You can leave stuff there – not essential stuff you need in the moment-to-moment, but things you don’t want to sell or throw away, stockpiles of consumables and such.

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