Outer Worlds Remove Flaws

Removing flaws in Outer Worlds is a matter that many players have been curious about. Outer Worlds Flaws are things that affect your characters abilities, even if they give you certain perks for it. Some people just aren’t comfortable with that, and they want to know how to remove flaws in Outer Worlds. So, in our Outer Worlds Remove Flaws guide, we’ll explore whether you can remove flaws in Outer Worlds, and, if so, how.

Outer Worlds Remove Flaws
Outer Worlds Remove Flaws

How to Remove Flaws in Outer Worlds?

You can’t remove flaws in Outer Worlds, as far as we can tell. If you manage to earn yourself one, there’s no way to shake it off. Not even if you respec your character, they just don’t go away. No matter how you reshuffle your character, no matter how you approach choices or quests, you’re stuck. There just doesn’t seem to be an option to remove flaws in Outer Worlds. So, you might as well accept it and take what bonuses you can. It’s a delicate quid pro quo, so you should make the most of it.

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And, I mean, I see the reasoning behind this. After all, this is your character, and that character has seen some unpleasant stuff. You can’t just get trauma out of your head that easily. Unless you wanna go through some kind of therapy minigame, I don’t see how, in-universe, your character could just forget that horrifying encounter with a monster. Now, I know that we play video games to avoid real life, but I applaud any RPG that makes bad consequences just as permanent as the good ones.

So, yeah, that’s the sad truth of the matter. Flaws in Outer Worlds are permanent. If you do find some way to remove them, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll update the guide. Until then, you can check some of our other Outer Worlds guides, such as Best Starting Builds, Attributes & Skills and Ol’ Reliable Light Machine Gun Location – Unique Weapon.

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