Outer Worlds Irion's Flintlock Handgun Location - Unique Weapon

Irion’s Flintlock is one of the unique weapons in Outer Worlds. It’s a handgun that shoots two bullets at a time, and does increased damage to weak spots. You can get it by completing a particular side quest, and since it’s unique, that’s the only way to obtain the only copy of it in the entire universe. If you’re wondering exactly which mission this is, or how to complete it, keep reading our Outer Worlds Irion’s Flintlock handgun location guide.

outer worlds irion's flintlock handgun
Outer Worlds Irion’s Flintlock Handgun Location – Unique Weapon

How to get Irion’s Flintlock?

As you’d expect, you’ll get the handgun from someone named Irion. Captian Irion, to be precise. And you won’t even have to kill him. Instead, you’ll have to save him from a band of outlaws that have trapped him, his robot chum and the medical shipment he was in charge of.

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All of this will take place in the crater south of Scylla landing pad, but you’ll have to have a mission in your log called Solution Vital side quest. You can get it from Dr. Wanda Dorsett, a doctor at the sick bay at Groundbreaker. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you all about the missing shipment. Once you spot the captain, you’ll have to deal with the outlaws, then talk to him. He’ll protest, saying how he was just getting ready to execute his daring plan and make his escape when you showed up.

Still, he’ll reward you with the Irion’s Flintlock handgun. It’s a unique weapon which has a DPS of 260 at level 10 and can stagger enemies. It fires off two rounds with each squeeze of the trigger, and does a lot of additional damage when aiming for weak spots. It’s probably the best weapon you can get early on, especially if you’re specializing in this type of firearm.

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