COD Modern Warfare 4 Do Not Own or Missing Multi Player DLC Pack

Do Not Own or Are Missing Multi Player DLC Pack notice has been popping up for Call of Duty MW4 players on PlayStation 4. The COD Modern Warfare 4 missing DLC pack error prevents people from playing certain modes, such as multiplayer and others. With that in mind, our COD Modern Warfare 4 Do Not Own or Missing Multi Player DLC Pack guide will give you a possible solution for this error.

COD Modern Warfare 4 Do Not Own or Missing Multi Player DLC Pack
COD Modern Warfare 4 Do Not Own or Missing Multi Player DLC Pack

Do Not Own Or Missing Multi Player DLC Pack in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 on PS4 – How to Fix?

The “Do Not Own or Are Missing Multi Player DLC Pack” message in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 on PlayStation 4 has been plaguing some players. It’s ungodly frustrating, because it just locks you out of the multiplayer completely. And this isn’t even the only mode where this can happen. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of error. However, it isn’t. The solution, however, might make you even more mad.

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Basically, what you need to do is check the Add-On section of the game. See, it seems that every single mode in the new Modern Warfare on PlayStation 4 is its own download package. You can see what I mean in the image above. So, if you haven’t downloaded the appropriate pack, you can’t play that mode. Just head into the Add-Ons, check what you have there, and download what you need. Then, go back into the game, and have at it. In a nutshell, if you’re download size is anywhere under 100 GB, you’re missing a mode.

Now, I’m not sure why they decided to divide the game this way. People on Reddit are speculating that this is so that you have the option to download only what you want and save space on your hard drive. I don’t know if that is the case, but the developers really could have communicated it better. But, yeah, now you have the solution.

How to Solve Missing Multiplayer DLC Error on PlayStation 4 Shareplay?

To solve the missing multiplayer DLC pack error appearing on PlayStation 4 Shareplay, you have to download the game from the owner’s account. So, basically, go to the account of the person that owns the game, on the console of the person that’s share-playing. Download everything you need via the Add-Ons section, and you should be good to go. Huge thanks to our wonderful reader Caleb for providing this solution!

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  1. A

    You’re a lifesaver! So stupid how it did not download all together and I had to go searching for it smh.

    1. M


      1. C

        More precisely on the main account of the shared games.

        1. H

          Still stuck with the error, I tried every single thing to find the add on but nothing.
          I deleted the game completely and install it again “NOTHING”
          I have a hard copy not digital, i don’t know if that matters.
          Any help guys.
          Thank you

          1. S

            I have the same problem. The add on are nowhere to be found. I tried everything.

          2. J

            Hey man did you solve ur problem cz I bought the game on disc 3 days ago and the multiplayer mode has a download sigh on it and its saying that im missig miltiplayer packs. i tried everything I need help pls

          3. A

            guys I am in the same situation. I got the cd as well. seems is downloading both multiplayer and co-op mode but blocked half way for ever…

        2. T

          All I have to do is activate my PlayStation is the primary account

      2. C
        Catherine Yolanda Brown

        Thank you!

    2. B

      When I go Cold War and I click it abs I go to information at all the things I need are locked please help

  2. B
    Bailey Mills

    I downloaded the game and it only says I have the 2 special ops packs but not the other ones, could anyone help?

    1. G

      I have everything downloaded but it still says I’m missing the special ops pack??

      1. K

        I am having the same issue. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game 3 times.

      2. T

        Did u find a fix for this?

        1. J

          Just fixed mine… went to upload history and I had my download in online storage, downloaded it to system storage and it worked

  3. J
    Jacob Morrell

    I have this problem. I have the MP pack downloaded but when I open the add-on list. There is a little lock symbol next to the MP pack. I have tried everything but uninstall the entire game.

    1. K
      Kyran Andrew Attwood

      Did you fix this? Still having that issue

    2. R

      I HAVE uninstalled the entire game and after re-install the game still tells me I don’t have Spec Ops DLC pack 2. This is becoming so time consuming. When I go to the PS Store it doesn’t even know what Spec Ops DLC pack 2 is. God of War and RDR2 were such great games w no headaches. Modern Warfare is starting out as a big disappointment and a big waste of money if I can’t even use co-op mode. Read somewhere that this affects multi-player mode too. Anybody have working answer to this?

      1. A
        Adem Murdoch Yilmaz

        Tried everything as well. Tells me I need DLC to play campaign and multiplayer

        1. B

          Have you sorted this issue yet? I’m having the exact issue!! 32 hours now

          1. D
            Daniel Thomas

            Bought this game on launch day and still have not been able to play this game. Activision still have no update on my ticket.

          2. D
            Donna Perry

            Been playing multi player and co OP for a few months now, then all of sudden had an update and says I need to download more things that I already had downloaded. Any ideas why this would happen

  4. C
    Clyde Henderson

    Very helpful, this was a stupid move by developers

    1. K


  5. C
    Christopher Wiggins

    Bless you lol

  6. A
    Adam Thompson

    I’ve tried everything and nothing. It’s shows all my downloads are downloaded to include multiplayer pack.

    1. S

      What you need to do is renew your license on the game. If you are game sharing then you need to log into the account that purchased the game and renew license and it should work.

      1. T
        Tyler Hamm

        How do you renew the license for the game?

    2. A

      Me too man I am redownloading the multiplayer pack now and seeing if that helps. I an on xBox

    3. A
      Adem Murdoch Yilmaz


    4. M

      Have you found a way to fix?

    5. R

      PS4, disc version. Played the campaign and multiplayer fine. But couldn’t join a friend. Said I was missing dlc pack.

      Renewing licenses, restarting console, going to PS store: none of that worked. I went into game to the coop section. Clicked on that. Told me I was missing etc. THEN it took me to the PS store and gave me the download I needed, the Special Ops Pack, 12.675 GB. This is for Survivor multiplayer mode. Downloading now—though it says 11 hours, which is crazy, since I have 100 MBPS Internet. The server must be really stressed.

      1. A

        man, same here. but the problem is that INSTEAD taking me to the ps store, it says: content not available or not accessible at the moment (being like this for days). I cant download the MP and co-op. warzone works super fine.

  7. J

    It’s not me that currently having the issue but my brother. He goes to click on the multiplayer and gives this message. We double checked the downloads
    It says everything is downloaded. We even tried redownloading the MP Pack 3 times. Still no luck. Last thing we can try is deleting and redownloading the whole game. If anybody has any suggestions let me know please. I would love to be able to party up with my bro. PS. my brother is using the PSN share play. So my account is the Ps Plus. And his runs off mine. While his account is on my “Main ps4” could that be an issue or causing it to be buggy? And are there ways to fix that?

    1. P

      I have the same issue and I have ALSO PSN shareplay where my account is the main ps plus account.

    2. C

      you have to go onto the persons account who owns the game on the console that the other is share playing the game and download it from the owners account from the add ons section, that worked for me

      1. K
        Koushik Ramachandran

        That makes sense, I was up all night and I couldn’t figure it out

      2. D

        Man, that worked for me too. Thank you. How complicated. Fing Game. ??

      3. M

        This worked. My friend shared the game with me and I had to download the DLC packs for game through his account

    3. E

      I deleted and re download the game and it did sweet f*ck all ?

  8. M

    Same problem here and also PSN shareplay ?

    1. J

      Do you game share

  9. A

    Helped out so much. I’ve been on this stupid ps4 all night & I finally get to play it but not even when it came out lol. Kinda hurts but I’m glad I get to play it now. Thanks again

  10. J

    Not just PS4, happening to me on XBox. Shows everything downloaded, but I can only play campaign. Is it a server issue? Not happy, first time buying digital instead of disc, regretting it now!!!

    1. R

      Well I DO have the disk and the spec ops DLC pack 2 refuses to install. It’s not just because you bought digital.

    2. K

      I have everything downloaded but cannot play anything!! On xbox.

  11. I

    My god this is frustrating, what an utter ballache!

  12. K

    So I had this issue; and all I had to do is reset my console! Not sure if it works for everyone, but I hope I helped someone out ?

  13. S

    Having the no DLC issue for multiplayer, campaign and spec ops, it says I’ve downloaded but can’t find any sort of addon place where I can download them separately. Downloaded the full game again at about 4 am with no resolution. Anybody? Please?

  14. J

    Where is the add on section? How do i get to it

  15. B

    So they Did a patch update. However, I had to go to the game in the App Store and even though I had downloaded it already, there is an option to download it again. Once I clicked that it started downloading campaign pack two which is just over 16 GB

  16. A
    Adem Murdoch Yilmaz

    I have downloaded all the attachments and I’m receiving the same messages. I feel like it’s a problem If you are game sharing because none of my friends seem to have the issue. Hopefully will get patched soon

  17. S

    Has anyone figured this out yet. I am xbox one. All content downloaded but still receiving message that I do not have DLC Multiplayer.

    1. B

      I figured it out for xbox. Go to manage games. then MW. press start on it and go to manage add ons. Delete the add on for multiplayer and redownload it. Then launch multiplayer from the add on. It works now.

  18. N

    Ok, so I’ve had the same issue. I got the add-ons figured out but had the same issue. THEN…

    I went to the PS screen. I went to game and hit options button, then go to upload/download saved data. I uploaded and downloaded the options (overwrite). Then went to game and was able to get on.

    Hope this helps everyone, what a mess!

  19. J

    I got the spec ops packs but can’t play the online or campaign I’m being game shared this is when some one buys it on there PS4 but I have it cause I have the account on my PS4 could this affect it

  20. M

    I’ve found the solution. Restore license ?

    1. J

      How do you do that??

  21. E

    All you have to do is restore licenses on your settings. Go over to Account Management then after scroll to restore licenses and let it scan after check your add-ons if it fixed. It helped me.

  22. K

    I have all of the packs downloaded but it is not letting play any game mode.

    1. I

      Restoring licence doesn’t work for me they are still locked out in my addons sections. Game is also purchased from my account. I reinstalled the entire game. Nothing is working

  23. H

    I had the same issue. After I downloaded modern warefare including all the add-ons…I decided to move black ops 4 to my external hard drive to free up space since I won’t be playing it as much. Turns out, when I moved bo4 to my external hard drive, the modern warefare add-ons got moved to the external hard drive and are attached to bo4. When I have the external drive attached all is well, can play all the modes. I guess if I had deleted bo4 all the modern warefare add-ons would have been deleted as well. Weird glitch.

    1. R

      When you deleted COD BO4 did it work?

  24. K

    Mine says I’m missing single player dlc pack 2. I can play everything except the campaign. I have all the add ons downloaded. Both campaign packs. All I want to do is play the dam game. Do I have to uninstall and do it all over again? God I hope not

  25. M

    It says it needs the dlc pack 1’s and I have the 2nd ones, how do I get the dlc pack 1’s?

  26. F

    I restored licenses and it says everything is installed but I’m still getting the notice! The GB for it is only at 67gb for the game, that doesn’t seem right but when I check if if it’s installed it is. What’s going on!

  27. B

    I had the same DLC issue. What I had to do to fix it was go back to the PlayStation store, click modern warfare and then click download. And it started to download all the DLC packs. It worked after doing this!

    1. J
      Joel Bryant

      Thank you sooooooo much! I was struggling for hours trying to figure it out!!!!

    2. A

      Wow. Thanks for this! We did the license renewal and it didn’t work. Then I had my husband do what you suggested and BAM there were a bunch of add-ons that didn’t download.

      1. A

        makes sense but how about people (like me) who has the disk and didn’t download the game?

    3. A

      This actually worked. Everybody else is full of it.

  28. J

    I dont have the spec ops add on. Cant find it. It says that my download is complete but it doesnt show spec ops add on. I cant play spec ops. Help

  29. V

    Same happening here. But I bought the physical disc and still have the problem….

    1. J

      Odds are that a huge chunk of the game is not on the disc, but has to be downloaded.

      1. V

        So I still have the same problem as everyone.
        When checking my add-on, it shows Sepc-ops, but when I open the game, it suddenly disappear

  30. J

    So i bought the disc and downloaded it on to ps4. I have campaign and mutiplayer. But its keeps on saying im missing all spec op packs. I cant find it through the in game link to the store. The psn store dont have the packs and i cant download from the console because my download was a single download( not seperate like the picture. Does it mean i have to redownload everything?

    1. V

      I have the exact same problem, redownloded and nothing happend

      1. L
        Lovensky Valmond

        Was this ever figured out? I just downloaded the new 1.13 update and now cant play multiplayer because it says i’m missing the DLC pack. I’ve never been able to play co-op or the 2nd campain.

  31. R
    Rahoul Kille

    FIXED! Go to the playstation store, click buy, then go to the same pack you purchased. Then you should see download button, press it and you will see 3 new downloads appear.

  32. J

    Have xbox and have the same issues. Im more than frustrated all this stuff should have been on the disc! Im on download attempt number 3. I have gig speed but 79 freaking gigs! Fk activision!

  33. J
    Jordan Swezey

    Click on each individual pack from the Game Add Ons area and select the option that takes you to the store and it will say Install, even if you’ve already installed. It showed that all my installations were complete, but for some reason I had to go to the store to be able to “install” and now everything works fine.

  34. T
    Thomas Arnesen

    Go to your homescreen on ps4 and slide over to the game,
    Press down and hit the tab at the bottom named playstation store. Click it, and your add ons who r unimstalled should be there

  35. G
    gerson D carpio

    so what was the first 68 gb???

  36. D

    I was just in a multiplayer game with my friends and after it finished my game crashed and when i booted the game back up i tried to go back into multiplayer and it said I didnt have the multiplayer DLC Pack and that i needed to purchase or download it. I tried resetting my Xbox, tried re installing the multiplayer pack and still getting the same message.

  37. J

    Guys i found a solution for ps4. My problem was because i was using a different country psn compared to the disc. I then used the same country psn with the disc. ( made it primary ps4 so i can share content with other accounts) then after that i went in game using the same country psn an clicked on spec ops in game( it directed me to psn store from in game link) then i was able to download the pack. I assume it will be able to downlaod from direct psn store as well after this. Its due to issues with country lock licenses. Might not work for you but it worked for me.

    1. R

      Same here. I did it and was able to download the pack. The game (it’s a cd) must be at the same region as the PSN.

    2. A

      hi Joshua, please can you explain better how to solve this problem?
      my psn is Italian, the disc was bought in china (where I currently live).
      I heard is not possible to change the psn country.

  38. M

    I have tried all of these and nothing has worked, have re-downloaded everything 3 times and the missing dlc thing keeps showing up. The add-ons show that they’re installed. Can anyone help?

  39. C

    Is October 10 and I’m still having this missing dlc for multiplayer when I downloaded everything already… Like there’s nothing out there to help further? I paid 60 bucks for nothing? Damn!

  40. W

    I am having the same problems. I think that im misssing the survival mode and i dont know where i can download from because i have the physical version. Can someone help me?

  41. C
    Catherine Brown

    Thank you!

  42. Z

    The DLC packs are not in the Add Ons section for me, and I’ve renewed my licences. Wtf is this sh*t

  43. R

    I accidentally deleted the campaign pack 2 and I don’t know what to do

  44. D
    Damien Johnston

    You have to load the game with the primary account(the account you paid for the game on) then try and access the specific game type. In this case for me it sent me to the store to download the new “Multiplayer Pack 2”
    There was no need for me to delete or download anything again nor did I need to refresh licenses.
    Hope this helps.

  45. T

    settings > account management > restore license.
    do this and it will work I promise.

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