Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Released, Highlights Game's Personality

Obsidian have released a launch trailer for their highly-anticipated RPG Outer Worlds. The video shows off both cinematic and gameplay footage. The aim seems to be to bring across the general, darkly playful mood of the game, as well as the broadness of options you’ll have. Only a few days left until launch, my people!

Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Released, Highlights Game's Personality
Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Released, Highlights Game’s Personality

Now, to be fair, the trailer doesn’t really show us much that we haven’t seen before. But, that’s okay. The aim of the video, as I’ve already stated, is to give people a feel for how the game is gonna be. And, as is the tradition of old Obsidian RPGs, the overall mood they’re shooting for seems to be “darkly funny.” And, if the trailer is anything to go by, they’ve nailed it. I just hope they don’t overstep into annoying territory like Borderlands 3 did. I do appreciate the addition of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy,” though.

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Another thing that the trailer makes crystal clear is the amount of freedom of choice that Outer Worlds will aim to give you. Wanna be the hero? Sure, go ahead. Wanna be a villain, instead? Who wouldn’t; by all means, be the bad guy. You can be a brawler, an assassin, and a ton of different other things. Even a Moon Man mascot, because why not? Whatever you think will give you a leg up in the capitalist, dog-eat-alien world of Outer Worlds.

Outer Worlds is coming out in just a matter of days. It’s hitting shelves, physical and digital, on Friday, October 25th. You’ll be able to play it on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There’s also gonna be a Nintendo Switch port, but it doesn’t have a launch date yet. Oh, and, as for the PC version, it’s gonna be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a good long while. It’ll be about a year before it releases on Steam.

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