Outer Worlds Sealed Door on Ship Captain's Quarters

When you first get the Unreliable in Outer Worlds, the doors inside will be sealed. This might not mean much when playing on lower difficulty settings, but on Supernova you need access to the Captain’s Quarters in order to use the bed. Also, that’s where your stash is. It stands to reason you’d want to unlock the door and gain access to your room as soon as possible, but a lot of folks don’t know how to do this. This guide will show you how to deal with the Outer Worlds sealed door on ship – captain’s quarters.

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outer worlds sealed doors on ship captain's quarters
Outer Worlds Sealed Door on Ship Captain’s Quarters

Captain’s Quarters door sealed?

These aren’t your regular doors – they’re space doors, which means they need power in order to function properly. When you first go into the Unreliable, it won’t have any power. You’ll need to complete the main quests until you’ve fixed the Unreliable. Once you’ve done that, go into space for the first time, and the Captain’s Quarters will unlock.

This might not mean much to those playing on story and normal difficulty – they can sleep in any bed, and probably don’t have to worry about equipment too much. However, if you’re playing on Supernova difficulty, your personal bed is the only bed you can use in the entire galaxy. This means you should unlock it as soon as possible, and lots of people tend to clean up the side quests in an area before proceeding onto the main quest.

That would be the wrong choice in this case. Once you’ve gained the ability to actually use the ship for its intended purposes, you can go back and complete the side quests you have left. Until you have access to the bed, this should be your top priority. Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than you think.

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  1. J

    Actually there is a cot opposite of the Workbench in the ship that you can sleep in until you unseal the doors.

    1. J

      Haha you’re right, thx Watts!

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