Outer Worlds Spacer Outfit & Gear - Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel

Makes Space Suit’s, Won’t Travel is a side quest in Outer Worlds. It involves a fashion designer called Celeste, who’s making forbidden clothes. She’ll ask you to collect a Spacer, Iconoclast and Marauder outfit for her, then pose in them, then get some raw materials she can use. The part with the outfits is what bothers most people – the game gives you some examples, but doesn’t tell you where to look for them. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find spacer gear in Outer Worlds, so you can complete the Byzantium outfits quest

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outer worlds spacer outfit gear location makes space suits doesn't travel
Outer Worlds Spacer Outfit & Gear – Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel

The most important thing to note here is that the examples of helmet and suit combinations you get from Celeste aren’t the only pairs that work. Any piece of armor that has the appropriate faction’s name in the description will work. Keep that in mind, and read the armor descriptions carefully.

Spacer gear location

Spacer gear can be bought from the merchants at Fallbrook and Groundbreaker. If none of them have any spacer outfits, check back later – the vendors restock regularly, and they might get something new. Look for stuff that resembles the leather armor the NPCs at the station are wearing. Make sure the word “spacer” is mentioned in the description.

Marauder outfit

This is the easiest one – you’ll get it by murdering Marauders. There’s no shortage of those, so if you don’t have any stashed from before, just go out and keep killing until you’ve got it. We recommend the area around Edgewater. If you’ve got it right, the word “marauder” will be used in the description.

Where to find Iconoclast outfit

The Iconoclast gear can be obtained from vendors on Monarch. Don’t just focus on shops inside the towns – there are roadside traders outside Amber Heights and Fallbrook who can also stock pieces of the outfit you’re looking for. If you’re unsure whether you’re looking at the right gear, search the description for the word “iconoclasts”.

Primal leather, Raptidon flank hide, Mantiqueen chitin locations

After you’ve modeled the outfits, Celeste will want you to bring her some materials. You can get Primal leather either by killing Primals (like the ones in the nest at Emerald Vale). The other two can both be bought from a trader called Sebastian Adams. He resides in Stellar Bay, on Monarch.



  1. K
    Kelly K Mcmillin

    I have 11 primal hides but apparently this is not good enough. I have looked in Scylia for anyone that sells anything and have found no-one

    1. E

      Its not primal hide (trash item for sell) what you need is primal LEATHER, It is considered a quest item by the game. I got mine from murdering primals on scylla.

    2. P
      Paul Yuen

      That’s Primal Leather not Hide, and you have to accomplish the first half of the quest otherwise no matter how many primals you kill they will not drop Leather, and yes Scyllà has many more primals to hunt than Emerald Vale.

  2. D

    The Spacer Gear from the vendors on the Groundbreaker don’t work. Got a Worker Outfit and a Mining Helmet. Both say “Spacers’ Choice”. Went back to Celeste, she still doesn’t recognize them as Spacer gear.

    1. T

      I don’t think the Spacers’ Choice items work as they’re “not good enough” for her. I bought a set from the armour stall outside Engineering on the Groundbreaker and that seemed to work. The armour I used was “Day Wear, Option 1” by “Ports of Call” and the helmet was “Mark 7 Cranial Protector” by “Hephaestos”

      1. T

        Sorry I should probably mention as I don’t think I was clear in my comment, that the set of armour and helmet I used do not state “Spacers’ Choice”, however do mention that they are used by spacers

        1. O
          Olivia White

          Yeah it’s anything that says ‘spacer’ in the actual item description text (same with Marauder and Iconoclast) rather than anything to do with the brand of clothing. This confused me for a while.

      2. E

        I have these exact items in inventory but cannot get any dialogue to move forward in the quest when I go talk to Celeste.

        1. E

          I have the following in my inventory but can’t move forward with the mission: (…) Indicates part of description I am going by.
          1. Patched Low Pressure Helmet (Marauder Helmet)
          2. Makeshift Low Pressure suit(Marauder Armor)
          3. Leaded Armor(Iconoclast Armor)
          4. Vented Mark 3 Helmet(Iconoclast Helmet)
          5. Water Resistant Wear Casual(Spacer’s Gear) I also have Daywear Option 1(An outfit typically worn by spacers)
          6. Opti-Goggles(Spacer’s Goggles) and Enclosed Padded Helm(Lightweight spacer’s helmet)

          I have other spacer gear too, I bought every item that had spacer in the description.

          1. B

            You have to talk to her while wearing the gear

          2. E

            @Brendan, Thanks, I never would have thought about wearing the damn thing, thought I was supposed to just bring them to her.

      3. R

        Yes, go to the armour shop outside engineering in groundbreaker…I used work vest from “ports of call” and the helmet was padded helm by Aramid ballistics

  3. M

    Confirmed Streetwear, Basic (Felix’s default clothes) and Space Aviator’s Glasses pass for spacer gear.

  4. R
    Rick C.

    Still trying to find an iconoclast helm, or head wear. already did the Icono quests by the time I got this quest

    1. E

      You can still buy them from the quartermaster in the Iconoclast camp.

  5. L

    I found the icon Armor in Amber Heights on Monarch.

  6. E

    Disappointing end, the outfit just looks like “Freeman Business Suit”, some “visionary”

  7. A

    I am wearing light worker gear (spacers choice) and a beanie, light weight (spacers choice) and apparently it’s not good enough. Is my quest broken? I’ve tried other spacer gear as well but nothing’s working

    1. L

      I am having the same problem. I have several items with spacer choice in the description and Celeste will not accept. Very frustrating

    2. D

      No. Spacer’s Choice as a manufacturer isn’t the requirement. The item description must state it’s for spacers. She does explain this when you take the quest.

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