Overwatch 2 Mei Removed, When Will She be Back

Mei is one of the most popular characters in both Overwatch 1, as well as its sequel, Overwatch 2. So it came as quite a surprise when it recently turned out that Mei is disabled in Overwatch 2. But why is Mei gone and what happened to Mei in OW2? Well, that’s what we’re here to explain. So, if you want to know why was Mei removed from Overwatch 2 and when will she be back, we recommend that you read on.

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Overwatch 2 Mei Removed, When Will She be Back
Overwatch 2 Mei Removed, When Will She be Back

Why is Mei Disabled in Overwatch 2

Mei has been removed from Overwatch 2 by the developers. This is because there is a problem with one of her abilities. Specifically, her Ice Wall ability. When used, the Ice Wall has the unintended consequence of allowing Heroes to reach locations that they aren’t supposed to. This is an obvious design oversight, so in order to fix this, the devs have made the decision to remove Mei from the game for a short while. This is very similar to the reason why Bastion and Torbjorn have also been removed from OW2 a few weeks prior.

When Will Mei Come Back in Overwatch 2

Currently, there is no set date for Mei’s return to OW2. However, according to the developers, they are working around the clock to bring her back as part of the next patch. The patch in question is scheduled to come out this November 15th, 2022. So as you can see, the plan is to have Mei unavailable for around two weeks. Of course, there’s always the chance that this will be prolonged for whatever reason, but as it stands now, we have a rough date of when we can expect to have her back in the game. In the meantime, there’s nothing left to do but wait until you can play with Mei once more.

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