Overwatch Closed Beta is Now Live

In a post on the official blog, Blizzard have announced the start of the Overwatch closed beta. The ending date is unknown at this point, but it will be around the end of the year.
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They’re going to be sending out invitations to selected participants during the next day. Sadly, the beta is limited to the Americas and Europe, at least for now.

overwatch closed beta is live
The number of participants in the first wave will be small, since they’re looking for focused testing. They plan on implementing beta test weekends, when they’re going to open up the gates to larger numbers of people, so as to stress-test the infrastructure.

Everyone who got access is free to record, post screenshots and talk about what they see. Blizzard only asks players to keep in mind that Overwatch is still in development, and pretty much everything is subject to change.

The blog post contains installation instructions, links for bug reporting and suggestions, as well as a section with frequently asked questions. The minimum and recommended system requirements can be found in it, as well, and they aren’t the slightest bit steep. If you got in, you should definitely take a look at it.

The rest of you will have to wait for a while more. The release date and business model of Overwatch are still unknown, but it’s bound to come out soon, at least as an open beta.

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