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Helix Glitches are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They are scattered across the game’s seven boroughs, typically in the air above the streets and alleys of London.
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In this guide we’ll show you where to collect all Helix Glitches in the City of London.

Collecting Helix Glitches gives you Helix credits, the game’s premium in-game currency which you can exchange for various Helix Rewards.

Helix Glitches in City of London

There are 30 Helix Glitches hidden in the City of London borough.

city of london helix glitches locations map
1city of london helix glitch 1In the southeast corner of the City of London, hovering in the air above a low factory building and between two taller ones. Climb to the roof of one of the taller factories, then use your Rope Launcher on the topmost point of the roof of the other factory.
2city of london helix glitch 2Climb to the top of the Monument, then look down and to the north. There’s a leaf pile on the square below. Perform a Leap of Faith into the pile and collect the Glitch in midair.
3city of london helix glitch 3 trueAbove the train tracks directly north of the Monument. Climb to one of the buildings next to the train tracks and the glitch, then use the Rope Launcher on the building on the opposite side of the tracks. Just slide across and collect the Glitch.
4city of london helix glitch 3Head west along the train tracks from the previous Glitch and you’ll see a cluster of wooden buildings to the right, past a building made of red and gray brick. Use the Rope Launcher to get on the roof of the low building with two windows on the rights side of its roof. There’s a rope extending from the edge of the roof to the adjacent building – walk across it to collect the Glitch.
5city of london helix glitch 4Climb to the south roof of the Royal Exchange Building, on the balustrade that overlooks the courtyard below. Move along it until you’re parallel with the Glitch, then use the Rope Launcher on the bottom of the balustrade on the north roof of the building, across the courtyard. Slide across and collect the Helix Glitch.
6city of london helix glitch 5Northeast from the previous one, hovering above the right side of the bridge crossing the train tracks below. Climb to the roof of one of the buildings closest to the Glitch, then use the Rope Launcher on the lower edge of the roof of the building on the other side.
7city of london helix glitch 7Northeast of the previous one, there’s a red-brick church on the eastern side of the block of buildings there. Climb to the balustrade below the top of the church spire and look for a stack of leaves below. Perform a Leap of Faith into the leaf pile below and collect the Glitch on the way down.
8city of london helix glitch 9Go west and climb to the tallest spire of St. Mary-le-Bow church. Use the Rope Launcher on the top of the church’s eastern spire, then slide across and collect the Glitch
9city of london helix glitch 10 On the metal-eastern ledges of the building across the square and to the southwest of the previous one. Climb up, then get to a break in the ledges before an arch in the facade. Jump across to the ledge on the other side and collect the Glitch.
10helix glitch 11On the north side of the block of buildings to the west of the previous Glitch, hovering above a church made of white stone. Climb to the top of the church spire, then perform a Leap of Faith into the haystack in the courtyard in the back.
11helix glitch 12On a tree in a park to the northwest of the previous Glitch. The tree is in the southern portion of the park, closest to the wall. Climb up it and collect the Glitch.
12helix glitch 13Over the courtyard of the block of buildings north and across the street from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Approach from the north side and use your Rope Launcher on the row of chimneys across the courtyard.
13helix glitch 14Hovering in the air between the two towers at the front of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Climb to the top of one of the towers, then use the Rope Launcher to slide to the top of the other and collect the Glitch.
14helix glitch 15Climb to the second platform below the top of the north tower of St. Paul’s Cathedral, then look north and use the Rope Launcher on the roof of the Curtis & Harvey building. Slide across the street and collect the Glitch.
15helix glitch 16Northeast of St. Paul’s Cathedral, climb up the southern facade of the eastern wing of a U-shaped building. The Glitch is hovering above the two statues of women that are facing the street on the south. Jump from one to the other to collect it.
16helix glitch 17Head west down the street from the previous Glitch and look for a construction site in the next block of buildings, before the train tracks. Enter the train tracks and climb to the nearest scaffold to the left. There are three workers there, taking a break. Approach the edge of the scaffold and look down. The Glitch is one of the wooden girders in the ditch below. Jump down and collect it.
17helix glitch 18Climb up to the train tracks next to the construction site where you collected the previous Glitch, then head south. Climb up the second metal structure above the tracks, then to the top of one of the two tall metal posts with signs on them. Jump across to the other one to collect the Helix Glitch.
18helix glitch 19Climb to the top of the smokestack of the Wolfshead Brewing Co. factory, then perform a Leap of Faith down into a haystack in the west. You’ll collect the Glitch on your way down.
19helix glitch 20Three blocks west of the previous one, there’s a construction site with a lot of scaffolds to the south of the train tracks. Climb to the scaffold that is hanging off the side of the building on the site’s eastern edge(next to the advertisement for Oakey’s knife polish). From there, perform a Leap of Faith into the haystack below.
20helix glitch 21In the block of buildings south and across the street from the previous one. Climb to the roof of the buildings on the north side of the block, then get down to the other side of the roof. Look down, you’ll see a balcony on the middle building – the Glitch is hidden there. Jump down and collect it.
21helix glitch 22In a small cemetery two blocks down from the previous one. It is on the V-shaped tree to the side of the fountain in the middle of the cemetery. Climb up and collect it.
22col glitch 23At the top of the northern spire of the Temple, northwest of Ludgate Hill station. Simply climb up to the top and collect the Glitch.
23col glitch 24At the top of the eastern tower of Ludgate Hill station.
24col glitch 25Hovering between two buildings next to Ludgate Hill station, to the east. Climb to the top of one of the buildings, between the chimneys, then use the Rope Launcher on the same spot on the building on the other side.
25col glitch 26East of the previous one, on the bank of the Thames. There’s a factory with two tall buildings. On the west side of the south building there’s a wooden platform. The Helix Glitch is on the end of the platform, so simply walk up to it and collect it.
26col glitch 27Southeast of St. Paul’s Cathedral there’s a church made of white stone. Climb to the top of the church’s spire and collect the Helix Glitch there.
27col glitch 28On the docks immediately to the east of Southwark bridge. There’s a boat with a brown sail moored there. Climb to the top of the mast holding the sail, then jump into the water below. You’ll collect the Glitch in midair.
28city of london helix glitch 8In the block of buildings northeast and across the street from St. Mary-le-Bow church. There’s a rope hanging above the courtyard at the back; the Glitch is in the middle of it. Jump down on the rope and collect it.
29col glitch 29Climb to the top of the tower of the red-brick church.
30col glitch 30On the large construction site between the Strand and the City of London. Climb to the scaffold and use the Rope Launcher on the edge of the building on the site’s southern edge. Check the image below for its exact location.


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  1. T
    Tyler Deye

    Can you please show an overall map of the Glitches like in the other Boroughs?

  2. R

    I agree with Tyler Deye

  3. G
    Gosu No0b

    We’ve added the map for City of London. Thanks to Tyler and Ryan for the suggestion.

    1. T
      Tyler Deye

      Oh no thank you!! Makes it so much easier than following a video, and faster!

    2. M

      The numbering is off. 22 in the description list is actually for location 23, 30 in the list is location 29 etc.
      I’m not sure where the mistakes start because 1 and 2 are correct.

  4. M

    You’ve made a mistake on 28. Just look and compare it to 28 on the map (right close to the water).

    Now to figure out how to get this damn glitch lol.

    1. M

      Got it. Get close to it and then aim the camera so that you can do a leap of faith into the water and you’ll hit it on the apex. But yes, your description of 28 is for another glitch.

      1. L
        Laura Mountford

        Thank you for this. It really helped me.

  5. G

    followed all but still missing one.

  6. D

    Thanks for the guide, but i have the same problem of Gio… still missing one.

    1. D

      Number 8 on this guide is the one I was missing. It didn’t show on my map until I got on top of the building beside it.

  7. W

    Followed the map and hit every point but missing 2…..

  8. K

    Hi, I am unable to get the glitch in the southeastern most part of London, the one marked 1 in this thread. Ive jumped back and forth across there many times and half the time I go right through the glitch but it has never said that Ive got it and its still there on the map. How do I fix this?

    1. S

      same here, can anyone help? :/

      1. B
        Brittany Burr

        Same here xbox one

    2. D

      Some of the glitches you have to stop on and turn around on the zipline. I’ve had some that I spent a minute or two on before they would register.

    3. J

      I would stay near the area and shut the game off. Then reboot it and see if you can collect it then.

  9. Thanks gosu noob for helping me find #27! I followed your map which didn’t me because it doesn’t have landmarks like shops, to tell me where it is and the fragments on the map take up too much space on it to help me which buildings surround the glitch. but your video helped!! thx I always come to your website for assassin’s creed unity thx for that too. Will you do assassin’s creed emipire too?

    1. L

      If it is any good, as the previous tittles, we’ll certainly give our best :d

  10. T

    I have found almost every Helix glitch in the game, except supposedly one glitch in the City of London. I bought all of the maps from the in-game vendors, and I have gone back to every location that is shown in this guide for the City of London, and still I am missing one glitch, according to the game. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to find the missing glitch? I am hoping and assuming that I have found all of the game glitches, and this may be one of them, but I still have one memory to play before I finish the game. There might be a glitch waiting for me there!

    1. L

      Looking at the comments on that youtube video up there, people are saying that some of them are not marked on the map. So, even if you’ve bought the maps, you might not be able so see them. The numbers mention are the 11, 14. 24 and more. Maybe go through them?

    2. G

      It looks like 28 description and image needs to move to number 8 and the rest can fix if you move them all up.

  11. G

    I notice that 8 is where the locations no longer match the spots on the map. I’m following this as best I can and am grateful for it though. Better than nothing.

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