How to Disable Crossplay in Overwatch

The question of how to disable crossplay in Overwatch has started popping up almost as soon as as the beta started rolling out. I don’t know why people immediately jumped to asking how to turn off crossplay in Overwatch, but oh well. I assume it’s due to the eternal rift between consoles and PC. Whatever the case may be, we’ll show you how to disable crossplay in Overwatch in this guide.

how to disable crossplay in overwatch
How to Disable Crossplay in Overwatch

How to Turn Off Crossplay in Overwatch

To turn off crossplay in Overwatch, you can do so via the settings in the in-game menu. On Xbox, you can also use your consoles system settings system settings to opt out, but all things considered, it’s way easier to just find the setting in the in-game menu and turn it off from there. However, this is where we hit a little bit of a snag – only console players can choose to switch crossplay off. If you’re on PC and don’t want to mess with playing with people from other platforms, you’re out of luck. You can’t opt out.

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Now, things aren’t as dire as that might sound, PC players. For one, you should know that, at least for now, you’ll only be playing with other platforms in non-competitive matches. In ranked matches, you’ll be playing with other PC people, while console players will be playing with each other. Makes sense; aim assist could provide an unfair advantage to consoles and mess with the leaderboards and whatnot.

So, that’s how to disable crossplay in Overwatch. There’s one more thing that I have to point out for all of you. At the time of wiring, it’s borderline impossible to get into a match if you disable crossplay. That might just be now that the feature is still in beta and in its nascency, so maybe things will change. For now, though, good luck finding a match with crossplay off. For more info on crossplay in Overwatch, you can check out Blizzard’s official post.

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