Palworld Best Ore Mining Pals, Level 2-4

In our Palworld Best Ore Mining Pals, Level 2-4 guide, we will show you which Pals can mine Ore in Palworld, as well as what the best Pals to use for the job are. See, you’d think that Pals that have the Mining work suitability at level 1 would be able to help at least a little, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Which is why we’ll also give you a list of all Pals that can actually be used for mining Ore. Let’s begin!

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palworld best ore mining pals level 2-4
Palworld Best Ore Mining Pals, Level 2-4

Which Pals Can Mine Ore in Palworld?

Funnily enough, it seems like you cannot use Pals with Mining level 1 for mining ore in Palworld. So, Pals like Cattiva, Depresso, Rushroar, Lovander and others cannot help you with your ore-digging efforts. Only if a Pal has Mining of at least level 2 can they employ a pickaxe with any degree of usefulness. Which isn’t to say that level 1 Mining Pals are useless; they will carry the Ore for you to where it’s supposed to go. As far as we can tell, anyway. But when it comes to actual digging, a level 2 Mining is a necessity. That brings us to our next point…

Palworld Best Pals for Ore Mining – Level 2, 3, 4

In the list below, we are going to show you all the Pals that could be contenders for the best Pals to use for ore Mining. You’ll still have to be strategic about this, though. Astegon and Balzamut have the highest Mining level, meaning that they are the best at doing that one thing. On the other hand, Anubis can do several things really well. Digtoise is at level 3 and not 4, but eats way less food. You get the idea.

  • Level 4 Mining
    • Astegon – Mining level 4, Handiwork level 1, 7/10 Food
    • Blazamut – Mining level 4, Kindling level 3, 9/10 Food
  • Level 3 Mining
    • Digtoise – Mining level 3, 5/10 Food
    • Anubis – Mining level 3, Handiwork level 4, Transporting level 2, 6/10 Food
    • Menasting – Mining level 3, Lumbering level 2, 7/10 Food
    • Reptyro – Mining level 3, Kindling level 3, 5/10 Food
    • Ice Reptyro – Mining level 3, Cooling level 3, 5/10 Food
  • Level 2 Mining
    • Mammorest – Mining level 2, Lumbering level 2, Planting level 2, 8/10 Food
    • Mammorest Cryst – Mining level 2, Lumbering level 2, Cooling level 2, 8/10 Food
    • Penking – Mining level 2, Cooling level 2, Transporting level 2, Watering level 2, Handiwork level 2, 8/10 Food
    • Dumud – Mining level 2, Watering level 1, Transporting level 1, 4/10 Food
    • Tombat – Mining level 2, Transporting level 2, Gathering level 2, 5/10 Food
    • Quivern – Mining level 2, Gathering level 2, Transporting level 3, Handiwork level 1, 4/10 Food
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