Enshrouded Lost Progress Bug, Dedicated Server Losing All Progress

If you’ve lost all your character progress on a dedicated server in Enshrouded, you are probably, and understandably, rather frustrated right now. Enshrouded boasts a massive shared world for up to 16 people, which players can freely explore and enjoy. However, survival crafting games can take a lot of time and energy while you are slowly building your base. Hence, the dedicated server losing all progress bug is the last thing you want to see. In this guide, we talk about why this is happening and what you can do to prevent it.

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Enshrouded Lost Progress Bug, Dedicated Server Losing All Progress
Enshrouded Lost Progress Bug, Dedicated Server Losing All Progress

Enshrouded Dedicated Server Losing All Progress – Lost Progression Bug Explained

There are few things as devastating for a gamer as losing your save game. Even just losing half an hour of progress is bad enough. But losing everything you have done in a playthrough can be absolutely soul-crashing. And that’s exactly what’s happening to many Enshrouded players since launch. “Every time someone logs out, any exp, loot, or anything they did, they lose,” says Steam user DioCyde. “The world, buildables, and chests remain, but player data goes back to whatever it was when they joined.”

Other players reporting similar baffling experiences. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there does not seem to be a solution for this issue. Players report losing progress and saves both while playing solo and with other players on a server. They lose character progress by simply leaving the game. However, there is one thing we can recommend. Namely, it seems that there’s a huge chance that you will lose progress if you need to restart your server PC for whatever reason. Hence, unless you absolutely, without any doubt, need to restart the server, do not do it! You are risking losing all your dedicated server progress in Enshrouded.

For now, that’s all we can say about this unfortunate issue. There is no solution to fix it once you lose the progress, and the only way to avoid it is to never restart the server. Hopefully, the developers are aware of how detrimental this bug is to the experience and will provide a hotfix soon. Finally, if we learn about a solution, we will immediately update the article to share the fix with you. If you know how to bypass this bug, please – share it in the comments section!

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